90 days – More confidence, energy, focus, no more anxiety/depression

Well that definitely took a few attempts. I started this ages ago on 4chan, unable to make a month. Months later I discovered this subreddit when it was still young. It was quite eye-opening to see that PMO could have been the source for a lot of my problems. To test that, I tried it out and it’s been quite conclusive of that. Since I grew up with PMO I think I’ll need to get to day 150 or so to be fully rebooted. Now porn hardly ever crosses my mind and I’ve taken up some reading and exercise to replace it. I’m also much more eager to learn, porn must have satiated my hunger for information and my curiosity.

I didn’t turn into Superman, but I definitely felt like him on some really euphoric days, you feel an incredible surge of energy and confidence like you’ve just levelled up. It doesn’t happen quite as much later on when you’ve balanced out, but I liken it to first turning Super Saiyan and how incredible it feels. When you reach a long number of days you’re able to turn it on easily like Goku in later seasons of DBZ.

Nofap is only as much of a magic pill as what you’re willing to do with the changes it will give you. As always: YMMV.

Some benefits I have noticed:

  • More confident, social, and extraverted. More than I would have been during PMO. Higher self-esteem. Met more friends. Holding conversations better.
  • I’m dreaming again. Getting more refreshing sleep. Waking up earlier and falling asleep more easily. No more drowsiness after waking up.
  • Better focus/concentration/memory. Also more productive. Remember when you were a kid and things just clicked much easier? That’s coming back, at least for me.
  • Higher baseline emotional state. I’m much happier, and those things that make me unhappy I can tell are only temporary and don’t bring me down too much. No more anxiety or depression.
  • No more headaches. I used to get a lot during PMO. I took some gingko biloba (focus) and St. John’s Wort (anxiety) during an intense exam year and I had incredible headaches then. I think porn and those meds must have disagreed with each other and caused some discord in my brain. Nofap is a better anti-anxiety and anti-depressive treatment. It feels good to return to my natural mental state without the overstimulation of hyperrealistic simulations of sex.
  • More energy. I’m not tired before the end of the day. I’m not caffeine dependant any more. I’m more eager to exercise and eat right.
  • Much more attracted to a wider variety of women. I notice a lot more about them when I see them. It’s quite a refreshing perspective. I’m much more attracted to them physically, but not in the PMO sense of seeing them as just a body that should meet pornstar standards.

There’s lots more, but other 90 day reports mention these same things and there’s a nice post here that indexes a lot of them as well as the Reuniting benefits pdf. These benefits might not come directly from nofap but they’ve certainly come up since I stopped. I don’t think it’s a placebo because I noticed these same things when I abstained for a few weeks before I knew nofap and its benefits existed.

Be wary of your triggers. Withdrawal symptoms can make you feel tired, depressed, and sick. You’ll want to fap to feel better, and it will do that temporarily until you have to do it again. Would you prefer short term physical pleasure or long term emotional and psychological pleasure?

Nofap isn’t the be-all end-all of self-improvement. I consider it a platform or an initial step before moving to bigger things. I’m not sure if I’ve missed anything, but feel free to ask if I have.

LINK – 90 Day Report

BY – ymmvb