90 days – More energetic, more social and no social anxiety at all.

I can’t describe all the aspects of how my life has become better. More energetic, more social and no social anxiety at all. So I was thinking in the morning now that I am 90 days sober so what’s next then I realized I have so many goals that I have made during this 90 days.

Llike Fitness and gaining muscle, Becoming an engineer and making my parents proud. Honestly Speaking If this 90 days wouldn’t have happend in my life then I might inot have cleared my fuzzy mind with filthy porn that was taking me away from my life. My first class in university is on monday so hopefully It will be the best years of my life..


I will say that just take this journey on day at a time. Every morning just remind yourself that I will not fap today, I will not look at porn just today and the urges will go away… Always remember that it is the small steps that makes the big journey great !!! My advice to every is that go and join a gym. I was fat as fuck nearly all my life but from the last two years I started hitting gym. Lost a ton of weight and now I am ripped at 70 kgs.. Lifting weights also make you happy.. Don’t do this challenge for getting girls.. Its about BEING YOURSELF and the moment your start feeling confident in your own skin you will become irresistible to everyone around you esp girls.. For now my next goal is 120 days.. See you people then 😉 I believe in you people that you can do it… If I can do it then you can do it..!!

LINK – Success Story 90 Fkn Days ^_^ (Some tips I used & Advice for struglers)

by Alphaa_m