90 days – More energy, confidence, motivation, memory, and far less fear

I’ve made it! And boy has it been an adventure! I have grown alot as a person and experienced many different things ranging from mood swings and depression to super confidence and euporic life loving joy.

The roughest part was probably the first two weeks, but that was also the time i felt most of my superpowers the hardest.

Im not sure if it is placebo or not and honsetly i don’t care. I feel great and I am not going back to my old ways.

List of super powers and other effects from nofap.

Super powers:

-More energy

-More confidence (I give less fucks what others think)

-No longer fear eye contact

-I enjoy everything more (food tastes better, music is more awesome, smells seems to have more impact, colors more vivid etc etc)

-Desire for social interaction and improved social skills

-More spontaneus ideas

-Girl radar (also all girls look so much better now)

-Improved motivation

-Less likely to have a bad day (good mood even though im tired or hungry)

-Better memory, can now remember dreams and things like numbers and names

-I no longer fear things I did before. (before I would find it scary to walk in the woods alone in the dark but no more)

-I look more healthy no more dark rings under my eyes

-Morning wood

-I can feel again! It started with me noticing how I was actually laughing at something in family guy, I was surpriced it felt like I hadnt laught in such a long time. Then came the cries. I cried like a baby to sad things and at one point to anything. Felt great to be alive again.

Other side effects:

-I eat alot more than i did before, also feel hungry all the time

-More agressive both for better and worse

-I don’t get the same joy out of video games anymore

-I get this wierd sensation in my jaw, hard to explain but it feels good, never had it before nofap. Read some where that testosterone can mace the jaw grow, maybe thats it?


-Started to ride my bike

-Started working out

-Started working on a better posture

-I have started to clean and make my bed, brush my teeth two times a day every day etc etc

-Much better sleep cycle

-Started writing and making songs

-Talked to people I usualy don’t talk to (old friends and people i don’t know that well)

-Stoped eating candy

-Cut down facebook use to once a week

-Signed up for classes

-Gone clubbing alone (would never have done before, I didnt even like going out then)

I realise not all these things are due to nofap directly but like many people say nofap is the first steping stone. I feel I am still not 100% cured and will continue for as long as possible. The way life is now compared to how it was I see no reason to stop.

I still have goals to fulfill (stop with alcohol, weed, internet, start daily meditation) and this is just a check point, but I still feel proud. Wish you all the best on your journeys.

LINK – 90 days 

BY Captnbeardface



Just broke my 449 days streak

Ok so I am home sick, bored and with nothing to do. I just did it, no porn involved though. Not worth it.

Edit: thanks so much everyone! I will take your advice and not be so hard on my self. Instead celebrate the achivement of almost 450 days, and go for another 450. After all the streak is just numbers, the life change, mindset and improved charisma is what counts!