90 days – More focused, organized, and confident, great grades, stopped biting my nails

I never had the urge to write a long detailed result of my journey but I feel I must post something. After all, this community helped me a lot.

I have changed. I’ll list what I’ve gained through this experience so far.

  • I completely stopped biting my nails. A dumb habit I picked up a long time ago and couldn’t get rid of. I completely did not realize this fact until week 2.
  • More focused
  • More organized
  • My thoughts and addressed any problems thoroughly
  • More mediation
  • Forced myself to find, commit and stick to hobbies to the best of my ability
  • More Confident!
  • Many more (getting good marks, among the top students etc.)

About me: I have tried “not fapping” countless of times on my own a long time ago. The longest time I went without fapping on my own was 6 months when I was very religious. Technically, this is my first ‘no-fap’ attempt with the help of a community and I must admit it is a HELL of a lot easier than doing it on your on and keeping it a secret.

Don’t get me wrong. I know it is challenging either way, yet at the same time it’s alot easier with a community to support you (try to make sense out of that :p).

I plan on to continue my 2013 nofap journey. Don’t stop me now

Peace and Goodluck.

LINK – Day 90: Quick Update

by LOLseeker