90 days – More motivation & confidence, better socially, clearheaded

I’m on day 90. This is my second serious attempt, with the first one being 12 days. It has been a beautiful ride. Benefits:

-Better posture

-I’m getting better socially

-More control of my impulses

-More motivation ( I’m doing good in college, I started 100 pushups, my room is cleaner then ever before, I’m reading lots of books like I used to before my PMO days, started meditating. The list goes on and on.)

-Picked up my old hobbies of drawing and writing. I have been feeling very creative these days. Lots and lots of inspiration

-Waves of euphoria, I would walk the streets smiling like some kind of maniac. It feels awesome

-Feeling clearheaded. Although this fluctuates a bit, I’m actually in a period of brain fog right now

-Better attitude towards women. Flirty, nice to conversate with, not thinking those horrible porn induced thoughts before even speaking to them

-Not afraid to take the lead in schoolprojects

-More confident overall

Observations body wise:

-I’m having wet dreams fortnightly and I can actually feel them coming. When two weeks are ending I feel like my chest is going to explode and I’m walking like Superman. It almost feels fake, but it is very real. Also I feel this ‘tickle’ in my dick. That’s when I know I’m going to have a wet dream in the near future.

-My libido is pretty low, which was a bit unsettling to realize. Of course some weeks I would be horny all the time, but in average my libido is lower than expected.

-Dick looks bigger and my crotch seems to be more ‘out there’. But that could very well be placebo.

NoFap has been an awesome stepping stone to better myself. 90 days was my first goal, but somewhere along the way I decided to just keep on going. I think about masturbating and porn very rarely and I just know it wouldn’t be satisfying to do. Actually, I think it would feel very weird for me to have my dick in my hand and masturbate.

If you guys have any questions, I would love to answer them. To be honest there’s a lot to tell, so there’s plenty more I could go in to, but I didn’t wanna smother you with a wall of text. It is already too big. Also I can’t thank you guys enough. This community is absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you guys!


I’m off to bettering myself more and more. I decided to quit marihuana for good this Monday. This is my greatest addiction. PMO was a peanut compared to it. I quit marihuana almost every week, but in the weekend I throw all my good intentions overboard and smoke. Now this Monday I was really done with it.

Also, despite being not too bad with the ladies I haven’t been on a date in two fucking years, maybe even more. So that’s probably gonna be a major focus in the next months.

Of course I’m still going to visit NoFap on the regular and I hope to contribute more in helping other fapstronauts.

LINK – Day 90 report: This was only the first chapter

by skeer