90 days – Much much happier, much more social and energetic

I’ve done it. Three months no jerking off and no porn. Planning on staying virgin until marriage, so no sex either. In all honesty, I think today was the hardest day… I woke up with a hard-on like never before. It’s such a strong temptation to give in, my scumbag brain is telling me I’ve achieved my goal and can stop now. Well, I’m not gonna stop… I’m enjoying the benefits so much I’m planning to do another ninety days. And another, and another, until I don’t even need to think about it. It still isn’t second nature for me, by the way; apart from a long flatline from about day 20 to 60, I’m still tempted regularly to beat it to some hot lesbian porn.

Speaking of benefits, here’s what I’ve noticed so far: I’m happier. Much, much happier. I typically suffer from SAD and was diagnosed with minor clinical depression a few years back, but this autumn/winter (yes, it’s started already) I’m feeling great. I have more energy — I can’t attribute that fully to NoFap as I’ve also started eating healthier, taking vitamin supplements, and working out, but I’m sure NoFap is a major contributor to that one.

I didn’t manage to land a girlfriend yet, but there is one young lady I’ve had my eye on for a while, and I managed to effectively communicate my feelings for her without the awkward nervousness that’s plagued me in the past. She sort of implied that she was more not ready for a relationship than not interested in me, and I think it’s just a matter of time. I’m much, much more social now, especially with women, and find it much easier to start/carry conversations. As for the brain reprogramming bit, I think it’s working…

I used to put women on a pedestal, considering them almost like goddesses, aloof and unapproachable; at the same time, I also felt like they owed me, like I was doing them a favour asking them out and there was no good reason for a rejection (yes, I became a bitter friendzone-hater). It was a ridiculous outlook and of late my mindset has matured and I realize that girls are just people like everyone else.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts so far… you guys have been a great source of motivation and encouragement; keep fighting the good fight.

LINK – [Success] 90 Days of Hardmode

by el_muerte17