90 days – No more brain fog, genuinely enjoy talking to strangers, more relaxed

Hey guys this is my first official post. I have been reading many inspirational messages on here throughout my journey which has been a great motivator during this time. I just have to say this a great community where people give outstanding support to each other.

Ill keep this brief and to the point. I have to say this is one of the toughest challenges I have ever faced, I had many times where I thought if I just did it one time it would not be a big deal. I came across a similar dilemma back in summer where I caved in and after a couple weeks all my progress was gone. But enough with the bad lets talk about the good.

One thing I have noticed is I no longer have a brain fog surrounding me. I feel much sharper when have conversations with people and I feel like they are much more free flowing and I now genuinely enjoy speaking with complete strangers. I have always had anxiety when speaking with people other than my close friends or family but since starting nofap I feel much more relaxed and carefree. I am no longer afraid to look strangers in the eye and I’m not constantly darting my eyes away when our eyes meet.

I starting enjoying my job a lot more and even got a promotion midway through this journey which has given me even more confidence. I do not see myself relapsing any longer because it would kill me to lose all this progress I have gained. I used to feel very nervous talking to girls and after embarking on nofap I realized its because I was objectifying them through porn after quitting I find its gets easier to talk to them everyday. I have been on a couple dates and despite not having chemistry with both women I generally enjoyed going out and felt very relaxed

I feel the idea of superpowers can be summed up really easily, it isnt the superpowers its just the real you. Once you lift the brain fog that exists with F with P life gets alot easier because you are finally true to yourself! I am looking forward to going another 90 days because spring weather is right around the corner and if I can do this during the dead of winter I know continuing through to the nice whether will be a walk in the park.

Thanks again to the nofap community I couldnt have done it without you!

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by ipsilon1989