90 days – Physically, mentally, and socially, much much better.

Day 90, I don’t see it as anything special, I know that its what I may have started off aiming at, but this is just another day to me. I’ve put fapping and porn behind me permanently as far as I’m concerned. My goal was not just to fix my brain of the damage caused by over a decade of PMO, but also to save the time that I would’ve spent on PMO and use it for the betterment of my life.

The last three months has been the biggest rollercoaster of emotions and changes I’ve ever experienced. I’ve gone from a shy, overweight, socially stunted person, to the complete opposite of all those things. I’ve made more progress in improving my life in these last 3 months than years before that. This is not to say that nofap directly impacted all these changes, it did not magically make me not shy, and make me lose weight and develop better social skills, what it DID do is force me to confront all the issues I was avoiding. It gave the motivation and push I needed to acquire all those things. I started keto, joined the gym, started reading seddit and a lot of other socializing material, and spent more time with all my friends. The changes I’ve seen are day and night, I look so much better, I interact with people so much better, and as a result, I have more confidence than I’ve ever had in my life. The confidence is also partly due to having the discipline to take on nofap, and the self-respect you get from such a task.

Don’t think any of this happened very smoothly however, kicking nofap gave me intense mood swings that ranged from euphoric states of excitement about life, to lows where all I could do for hours was lay in bed thinking about how shitty life is and how much better it should be.(usually I’d think of a crush I have and why I’m not with her) This wasn’t an issue before because I could just fap any problems I had away and not have to think about them. Nofap gives you no choice but to face the issues you’ve been sidestepping(whereas in the past the quick euphoria and the numbing state of carelessness brought by fapping would’ve sufficed you), and once you confront these issues you’ll see that you become a better person and live a better life because of it.

A lot of debate goes on here about the benefits of nofap and how they’re exaggerated. I believe it varies from person to person and also by the severity of their PMO abuse. For any skeptics I can only offer you my person opinion based on my experience: if you’re anything like me, nofap is the first and maybe most important step to getting anything you want in life.

TL;DR: 3 months of nofap in, physically, mentally, and socially much much better. First step of the rest of my life, don’t plan on stopping.

BY – pottop