90 days – The reboot is completely worth it.

I’m a long time lurker and have just completed 90 days of no fap thanks to this terrific subreddit and wanted to share some things with you guys.

The reboot is completely worth it. Seriously, I have so much more energy now and I feel compelled to try new things. Instead of fapping when I’m bored I pick up a book to read or actually do some work which I wasn’t doing before. I make eye contact with people now, especially girls, and I can feel myself improving in confidence because I don’t rely on porn. I’ve started going to the gym as a way to release energy and I have even taken up new sports like rugby. I find myself talking to more people and noticing different things. I feel like I have more time and want to explore everything. There is so much that’s different.

The only way you’re going to get through the reboot is if you truly want this. You need to kick the addiction, it’s not good for you and it’s weak. If we manage to get with a girl then we should be able to satisfy her! Our ancestors managed to do it so we definitely owe the girls of our era the same pleasures humans of the past have experienced. Addiction to porn prevents this over the world and its stopping people’s happiness, including yours. We need to unlock women’s true carnal desires through pleasing them and ourselves. Porn is false and fake. Get your own experiences. The ones that you can tell your friends about to make them laugh, the ones you tell girls about to make them interested in you and the ones you tell the people of the future about so they think you’re amazing.

So just don’t fap. Find a new way to expel energy, whether it’s through runs, going to the gym or taking up a new sport. Improve your image. Join the fashion subreddit and the seduction one and create a new improved you. Feel the testosterone flood your veins like it has done to me. Feel intense emotions that you haven’t felt before. Feel human.

LINK – I completed 90 days and here are a few things I wanted to share

by cornishpirate