90 Days to Vitality, Clarity, and Power

It’s Day 90 and I feel incredible. I am more focused than ever. People are constantly asking why I’m so happy and energetic. Sometimes I’ll actually tell them- it’s because I haven’t been spilling loads willy nilly to pixelated representations of what we think we want.

Superpowers? No. It’s really just a return to form. The confidence and electricity of childhood has returned to my spirit. I thank this community for its consistent support whenever I’ve needed it.

I first noticed significant changes around day 14, and exponential benefits began around day 40. But here’s the key- it was really just a re-balancing for me. For example, when I used to jerk off almost every day, I felt scatter-brained and had difficulty waking up in the morning, even after a good amount of sleep. Over time during NoFap, these issues revealed themselves to be side effects of PMO rather than how I naturally functioned. I had almost written these issues off as “normal,” I had experienced life this way on a daily basis for years. But just like when you make significant changes to your diet or exercise routine, you can uproot certain weeds with NoFap that had once held you down.

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by hiiighpower