90 days without fapping and I can’t list a single benefit, thoughts below.

COMMENTS: This is the most important rebooting account on this site. For some reason, this man took “nofap” literally, and continued to watch Internet porn while abstaining from ejaculation. Although excessive ejaculation may cause temporary neurochemical ripples, it’s Internet porn that seems to cause long-term addiction-related brain changes. High-speed porn has only been with us for a few short years. We certainly evolved to ejaculate, but not to watch such intense stimulation starting at such a young age.

The first 20 days were tough, after that initial period I fully realised I’d set this goal and was going to complete it, therefore I wasn’t tempted again.

Porn was a different matter. When I started this I just took it at face value as “no fapping for 90 days”, so I never internalised the goal of not looking at porn, which lead to looking at porn fairly regularly. I didn’t touch myself, I just watched it.

On the occasions I didn’t look at porn for a week or more, I found myself more stimulated by non-pornographic situations/images. I also had really strong urges to look at porn. I think cutting it out is far more important than not masturbating.

On the community itself I found it demotivating. It feels cultish and a lot of the posts are cringe worthy, so I just avoided it for the duration.

I think I’ll start a new challenge of masturbating but not looking at porn. I realised for the last 6 years I don’t think I’ve masturbated without porn, at all.

So yeah, no benefits but I think I missed a key component of it. I am proud I did it though. People have praised my self discipline and I always thought to myself “well, yeah, but I masturbate constantly”, so to know that I’ve conquered a vice is a good feeling. Now to conquer the porn vice!

LINK – Day 90: I think No Porn should be the focus:

by HH01