91 Days Report or Is It Really Possible?!

Sometimes, I asking: + Why I still don’t Relapse? + How this guys (90+ days) possibly can keep their patience? + This guys are monsters!

So 91 days past, from the point I made decision, 91 day of every day fight) And you know, the strange thing happen in time, I didn’t realize.

Few days ago a guy showed me porn and I thought – It’s really awful! I was like – why you showing me this crap?! Like I really don’t understand it’s pretty strange! Some everyday change that you don’t see, just happen. Day by day, step by step.

Right now, I’m sitting with huge Passion to real girls. I found few (10+) new girls during this changes, twice my profit and don’t realize it happens just during this journey. So small steps matter, steps that you don’t see, steps that you don’t feel. Like pool that filling by water buckets, one by one. And when you see some time later – wow, your energy become much bigger pool then before!

And you know what?

1. New next day is not easier than previous to keep you in “the man form”.

But 2. Every New Day, You ENERGY POOL growing more than enough to keep clear sign and “Beast-man” inside you. That pool REALLY matter. That Energy makes me fill Alive!

LINK – 91 Days Report or Is It Really Possible?!

by Di4fun