94 days – ED cured. Kick-started libido with masturbation.

Alright… Well, I got an amazing girlfriend, and started having issues with Erectile Dysfunction. It wasn’t the first time in my life this has happened. I’d only be able to successfully have sex once a month, and this made me feel like a pretty terrible man. During the 90 days of fap-free, I tried zinc supplements, I changed my diet to encourage testosterone production, I took epimedium (Horny Goat Weed).

I still had problems. Not only was I having ED problems, but I was having PE problems (not even getting hard). It was frustrating and emasculating. On top of this, I was starting to feel asexual. My extremely attractive girlfriend was starting to seem less attractive, and that was really weird.

So, 94 days in, I made the conscious choice to masturbate to porn. I did it twice that night. I hate to say it, but it kicked my libido into gear. I ditched the rapid paced masturbation and just enjoyed the people having sex. After this, my ED went away AND my PE went away, and I began to enjoy consistent, normal sex (twice a day for a week with only 1-2 instances of failure). It’s been like this for the last month.

I STRONGLY encourage people to do the 90 days. Because, while I did end up relapsing, I did so intentionally. What the 90 day challenge gave me was control, and understanding. I know my body and libido a lot better than I did before. When I masturbate now (and I have only a handful of times since), it’s been a conscious decision based on knowing my testosterone levels and avoiding the flatlines. I’m not a slave to my body, I actively manipulate my body to encourage a healthier sex life.

On your first 90 day challenge, endure the flatlines. That’s where you learn what to expect, and what they feel like. If the nofap works, keep nofapping. If it doesn’t, it’s okay to experiment. I know this subreddit is about abstaining from fapping, but your experience is different than everyone elses. If you feel asexual, like I was, try masturbating.

The secret to making this work (for me) is to only PMO when I least feel like it. If my mind wants to watch porn, I’ll abstain and save that sexual energy for later. If my mind is entirely disinterested in sex or porn for a couple days, I need to kickstart it, and I’ll force myself to

LINK – My story – went 94 days. Did relapse, intentionally. Different experience than some, but ED cured.

by HylianBlood

COMMENTS; I generally don’t comment on rebooting accounts, but I don’t want anyone to get the idea that masturbating to porn is the way to restart your libido. I suggest masturbating to sensation, or if need be fantasy about a real life scenario.