95 Days – I am now happy with who I am and know what I stand for

I started NoFap with the goal of seeing if I could last just 1 week and I smashed that goal into the stratosphere, It’s safe to say that it was by no means feat easy to get past day 1. I am so proud of every person on this subreddit who is doing this challenge to better themselves.

Throughout the first two months I really felt like I was changing for the better, I am more confident within myself and now I don’t place my value on the friendships and relationships I am part of, this is way off where I was 95 days ago. I am now happy with who I am and know what I stand for.

However with this said I made the conscious decision to end my streak (not saying relapse because I genuinely believe that i have made the correct decision to end my streak). I ended my streak for 2 reasons, the first of which was that during the third month I was becoming really unhappy as I felt like I was becoming the challenge, everything I did was determined by “whether it would be detrimental to the challenge” I missed out on going places like the beach and water parks with friends so far during the summer for this reason and I don’t want to live my life in fear of triggers. The second reason was medical, I was advised by my doctor to “fap” to see if my gentleman region was fully functional once again (had surgery in the area in month 1).

I will say that I am a little disappointed in myself for searching through porn when I felt the time was right but am happy to say that i could not ‘get off’ watching it, it seemed boring and fabricated to me for the first time in my life and I shall still be challenging myself with Porn Free.

So to conclude my post i’m going to say that this reset for me has been a massive success and I wish every single one of you all the best both in the challenge and in your lives.

Have a brilliant life guys and gals.

LINK – 95 Days and out!!!!

by NoFappyImHappy