95 days – No more brain fog, unshakeable emotional state, increased perspective

Let’s start off with the results, right?

  • I’m in a better shape that I’ve ever been (lifting like a monster);
  • Brain fog is almost non existent;
  • Been dating a smart, sexy, cute, artistic girl for two months now (for the first time in my life) and from what I can tell, she’s really happy with me;
  • Have no urges to PMO;
  • My concentration skills have risen. I’m finally finishing projects I set out to do a long time ago;
  • Almost unshakable emotional state;
  • Control over my sexuality (because I’ve been doing karezza with her for a month now.. and, well, the willpower is rock solid. When it get’s too hot, I have the power to stop. No questions asked.)
  • Increased clearness of mind;
  • Success in workplace- I have been praised as one of the best in the team;
  • The playful tiger is returning- I can play with my girl wrestling like games, have fun. Bite her. Tease her. Pin her to the bed and stuff.
  • Increased perspective- I’m starting to plan ahead my budget, career, how to fulfill the things I’ve been dreaming about.

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  • NO TOUCHING – There is no chance I’m touching my penis (except when urinating). It’s gross. It’s a bit… gay actually.
  • EAT CLEAN – The diet is simple: whole grains, dairy products, chicken, fruits, vegetables and the like. No white bread, no chips, no sugary drinks, no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs.
  • TAKE OUT THE TRASH- mindfulness meditation. Nuff said.
  • Psycho-cybernetics – Creating a picture of myself in my mind, so the outer world can’t do it for me. It want’s to put me in a box. And I won’t let it.. “Life is not about finding oneself, it’s about creating oneself.”
  • NO ESCAPING REALITY- Limit my exposure to artificial stimuli (digital music, TV, movies). In this way starting to experience the is-ness of life. It may be a bit frightening at the beginning – sitting in complete silence with ones own thoughts… but, I have an understanding, that there’s too much noise in the system – so much so, that we hardly hear our own soul talking to us anymore.
  • NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS – There’s a cool Australian movie called “Food matters”. It’s about the research that leads to the understanding, that our bodies need certain nutrients and vitamins, and if some of them are lacking, there might appear some problems in health – physical and emotional.
  • LIFTING HARD CORE – Everything grows with pressure. I intentionally lift weights that make me all red and sh*t. No lifting the little dumbbells, that simply pump the muscles full of blood but don’t add real strength. I know a lot of guys who are skinny as hell, but they are strong like beasts. I’m becoming one of them – and I kinda like the fact, that no-one really suspects the rising strength in my body. Not to mention – GF loves it too, that I can lovingly overpower her.
  • SAUNA – Sweat all the garbage out of the system. A proven, ancient recipe for health and well being.
  • LIVING ALONE OR HAVING PERSONAL SPACE- Having a place to call home.. where there’s peace and harmony. No stupid distractions and superficial BS.

Still have a long way ahead of me. Hope this is helpful to someone. Stay strong.

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BY – saunalove