96 days – My life has changed: ED cured, not confused about sexuality

I used to watch really fucked up porn up to a point where I thought I wasn’t straight and I preferred shemales instead. Believe it or not I haven’t even thought about “them” until now. Also had severe ED. Now I get a boner from kissing. For me, nofap is  for life.

  • I finished school.
  • I have a girlfriend.
  • I have a job.
  • I have a house (temporary but at least I have a home for a year)
  • I enjoy life.

Can’t say nofap made all this happen but everything listed above happened during nofap and tbh without nofap I’d probably be in my mom’s basement playing video games and fapping my life away. Next goal: 1 year. THANK YOU!

LINK – My life has changed.

By – drivingmonkey


UPDATE – Holy shit, 360 days

What a great timing to check my counter. So it’s been a year. Not going to ramble anything this time, I’ve said pretty much anything I need to say on my previous posts but I’ll be answering any questions you might have ;]

I’ve answered this in my previous posts but the two biggest changes from nofap are:

  • No brainfog
  • Your partner will be the most interesting and sexual thing you’ve ever known

After the initial 90 days you will not crave for porn anymore. Your brain will get accustomed to the habit.

EDIT: Let’s add DE and ED to the list because this is simply the best cure you will ever find, I promise.

Yes I was up to a point where I thought I liked shemales more than women. Now I didn’t even remember they existed until this brought them to my mind.