A new person – So good to be out of the flatline

I am on day 54 of hardcore mode and I feel incredible! The past 3 days have been fantastic! It feels so good to be out of the flatline. I am happier, funnier and overall way more social and outgoing.

I am planning my life out and enjoying the time I’ve been spending with more and more women (bit of a chick magnetic now). I feel like I’m getting more in touch with myself and learning how to cope with my past problems more and more. I am getting ready to ask this one girl out (never asked anyone out before).

Porn is a thing of the past, I worked out tonight and it felt incredible to challenge myself. I’m loving the new me that faces problems instead of turning away from them. I hope this is an encouragement to all the people on this forum. Life gets so much better when you really work for it and give up the things that hold you back.

I am proud of everyone on this website and I wish the best for all participating in giving up this unhealthy addiction. God Bless, I’m excited for a bright future 🙂 I’m giving this addiction up for good! My highest streak was 58 before, I hope to make it to the 90 days!

LINK – Day 54 – Hardcore Mode… A new person

by Stonewall35


UPDATE 8 MONTHS LATER – 66 Days – Hardcore Mode. Benefits

Wow this its unbelievable how far ive come in the past two years. My last streak was 62 days (which I beat 4 days ago). Being free of PMO has helped me clear my mind so I can focus on self improvement and my real prorities and goals in life. I am happier, have a fuller voice, have incredible confidence and so much more. Im on a record streak now, aiming for the full 90 days! Good luck everyone!