Able to talk to ladies without feeling anxious (lost my virginity), Motivation increased, Anxiety levels decreased


I done 95 out of 100 days so far without fapping, watching porn/orgasm and it improved my life. I also done no PMO back in April for 33 days and back in August last year. Things that nofap changed my life so far:

  • I’m able to abstain from porn and masturbation with ease
  • Able to talk to ladies without feeling anxious or thinking I can’t do it
  • Lost my virginity with some hot baddie
  • Time management and motivation increased
  • Anxiety level decreased
  • No longer worry about others and compare other people lives to mine
  • I’m able to initiate small talk

Thank you NoFap community for giving me the support that I need to go 100 days no pmo without relapsing.

LINK – Almost done 100 days

by dangbang66