After doing two 90+ day trials of NoFap, this has been one amazing journey.

To think that it has taken me this long to finally make my first post here on NoFap. I gotta say, after doing two 90+ day trials of NoFap, this has been one amazing journey.

There are definitely a number of things I would love to share, but before I begin I would like to add a little disclaimer that this post may be a bit long. I will try to keep it as brief as possible. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask.

Before I began NoFap I had a serious addiction to PMO just like many other fapstronauts. Similar to any other addiction, everything from my social life to my physical health has been damaged by this addiction. The worst part about it was that I constantly justified it in my head by saying it was “healthy for me” and “at least it isn’t a drug”. In reality, this was worse than any drug I have consumed and the least healthy activity I was participating in. I grew really apathetic towards social interaction as a whole and didn’t care to pursue any of my short-term goals that I created a few years back. The list goes on, and normally I would enumerate everything PMO has ruined for me but that’s not what NoFap is about. It’s about progress and perseverance so lets get to the positive stuff!

How I bumped into NoFap in the first place was when I was watching a TED talk titled “The Great Porn Experiment” (which from my understanding is pretty popular on this sub too). The entire time I thought this talk was completely ridiculous and when he mentioned NoFap and the community it has, I was baffled. “There’s a community of people out there who torture themselves like this!?”, pretty much my immediate reaction. I was so doubtful about it that I was confident that even if I went 30 days in, I will still be the same. Boy was I wrong…

My first 30 day’s going into it I was pretty much going insane. Going cold turkey like that really screwed me up. The only thing that was on my mind was fapping the day away like I use to. To distract my mind from that I decided to keep myself occupied by reading books or learning a new hobby. One distraction led to another and next thing you know it’s day 60 and I have so much energy that I felt like I can accomplish anything. I became more aware of my surroundings and more active within my university. I was actually making progress!

Day 90 comes along and I feel like a champion. I was able to accomplish things that I would have never imagined. Around this time I began to spread the word to all of my friends of what NoFap has actually done for me, but of course no one would listen. In fact, many of my peers ended up convincing me that I was “lucky” that I was even able to make it within the first 90 days. It got to the point where I was even convinced that I just so happened to not do it for 90 days and that I wouldn’t be able to pull this off again even if I tried. I took this as a challenge.

I broke my 93 day streak for a week of fapping fun, to only realize that I was disgusted every time I did so. After this disgusting week, I was still confident enough to pursue nofap for another extended period of time. So I set the goal for 111 days and here I am!

Words cannot describe how much NoFap has impacted my life. This post pales in comparison to how I truly feel about it. The only superpower (and best superpower) NoFap has granted me, is that of self-control. I feel as if it has been the only trait that I have been lacking throughout my life so far. Now I feel like I am on top of the world!!

I am glad I have finally built up the courage to finally make my first post on here. No morelurking for me! Everyone who has posted here has helped me in some way and because of this I thank you all!

LINK – I am done lurking. It’s about time I share my experience and gratitude.

by matthewg49


UPDATE – 150 Days!

And damn do I feel great!