After I stopped I felt so much better it was amazing!

First of all, hello everyone.

Please don’t take this as an advertising thread, I genuinely want to help my brothers with this growing problem.

I wanted to tell you guys something that is important, it’s about the harms of masturbation and pornography on the brain and body.

Contemporary doctors and psychologists usually say it’s healthy…let me just tell you this : they DO NOT know what they are talking about, they simply don’t have the perspective of a porn addict and they lack critical data. Porn viewing is linked to less grey matter in the brain, check the latest research.

I know masturbation very well, and did it for almost a decade, I know what it does to people. And I am here to WARN YOU!

Semen is very important to the body, full of useful nutrients. Ever wondered how it would feel keeping it inside?

Quitting masturbation and pornography has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in the last few years. Most people don’t realize how harmful it can be. I personally can’t believe how much time I wasted on these things. After I stopped I felt so much better it was amazing!

Here are some of the benefits of abstaining from both masturbation and porn for a few weeks :
– Feelings of well-being. Being calmer. Easier to laugh, less anger.
– Feeling MORE pleasure from everyday activities, this benefit is amazing. – More appreciation for art, music, video games.
– More creativity. The sense of humor comes back.
– Better memory. Better ability to concentrate. Less brain fog.
– More natural confidence, less social anxiety.
– Easier to give up other addictions (smoking, too much caffeine, gaming, thinking about someone of the opposite sex).
– More motivation to do important things.
– Music becomes more pleasurable. In fact, music tastes could even change.
– Less sleep is needed.
– Easier to talk, less stutter.
– Being able to remember dreams.
– Less sexual problems, better erections.
– Feeling emotions more strongly, like love for example.
– Emotionally more resilient.
– The skin will look younger, less acne.
– More physical strength.
– A deeper voice.
– A stronger immune system.
– Much more attracted to the opposite sex (in a good way).
– More interested in the little things.

Note: Most people who quit get these benefits, but some need more time to be cured. Note 2 : Beware the withdrawal symptoms in the first few days (irritability, loss of motivation. crying…)

Here are lots of testimonials of people who quit (imo a MUST-READ) :

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Hope it helped.

By bearman90