After many failures, one method finally allowed me to succeed. I made a contract with myself.

I’ve spent the last 8 months of my life trying and I’ve finally made it 90 days without fapping. After many failures, one method finally allowed me to succeed. I made a contract with myself, because a man is only as good as his word. I no longer thought about the benefits of nofap, no rationale, nothing. This was a challenge to myself, and when I say something, I mean it. Here is my contract:

I, beeway, on this day, April 20, 2014, do solemnly swear that I will not fap for 90 days, at minimum, or before July 20, 2014.



Each day on my journey, I decided to write one inspirational thought below, and it had to be unique, and something I have not heard before (although like-minded people may have said it or something similar). This caused me to think motivationally for a few minutes each day.

  1. I control my urges, they do not control me.
  2. Every obstacle only strengthens me for the next.
  3. My motivation is waking up alive.
  4. The only time to regret the past is tomorrow.
  5. The cravings don’t get weaker; you just get stronger.
  6. The road less traveled is my daily commute.
  7. When asked “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”, I reply: “Training for the next 5”
  8. Push yourself until your limitations become your expectations.
  9. Self-discipline is the path to self-improvement.
  10. Live the life someone would want to make a movie about.
  11. Willpower is what pushes us when everyone else would have quit.
  12. Don’t measure success by how far you have to go, but by how far you’ve come.
  13. Expand your strengths to narrow your weaknesses.
  14. You will succeed. Turn disbelief into this belief.
  15. Don’t live without dreams, but don’t live within them.
  16. The key to success fits many doors.
  17. My mind refuses to make excuses. My body chooses to make bruises.
  18. I don’t want to taste bitter defeat when I know victory is sweet.
  19. Let yourself shine until the stars look up at you.
  20. If you think your dreams are out of reach, get up and go get them.
  21. It’s only too hard if you are being too soft.
  22. The people who have never attempted it think you are insane. The ones that have know you are.
  23. The only power you need to be super is willpower.
  24. It’s always good to have a role-model, but it’s even better to be one.

After day 24, I no longer thought of NoFap and went on with my life, it seemed ingrained.


At this point, I can’t honestly tell you what benefits I have gotten from NoFap. I quit tobacco, alcohol, and started dieting and exercising a month before I even heard about NoFap. So I have had so many benefits I can’t tell where they all came from. (Except dropping 90 lbs, pretty sure that was the diet!) But now I believe fapping is not inherently evil, it’s just the porn. The problem I still have, is that porn is everywhere on the internet and it’s so accepted and triggers are everywhere, it’s basically like going to the bar everynight with friends and watching them drink, and offer you drinks, while you are a recovering alcoholic. So my journey will continue until I become immune to such debauchery. On that note, I will wish the rest of you on NoFap the best of luck, and may you each find success in all of life’s challenges!

LINK – My 90 day contract is fulfilled!

by beeway