Age 13 – No longer a sheltered, video game addicted kid


[I’m] 13 years old, but I had a real issue; found porn at 10 or 11, and was hooked on it for years, then began diverting to legal photos of my age group.. pretty fucked. Found this sub and looked around for a while before trying, and now that I’ve tried, I don’t want to go back.

30 days ago, I told myself I’d try an experiment to test the so-called “benefits” of NoFap. I went straight PMO, and 30 days later, I’ve reporting with what I have noticed.

I haven’t had any real urges yet, and when I did, I walked around to get my blood flowing in my legs and arms, rather than down there. Any urges I had were fought, and I didn’t relapse or come close to relapsing a single time yet.

Already, 30 days later, I’ve noticed an increase in confidence. I went from being a sheltered, video game addicted kid to asked out multiple times in a single month (I’m counting maybe 8, 9 times? Never had once before. Never.) I could talk to people, look them in the eyes, and converse freely. I no longer look at woman with a lust and animal-like hunger— I see them as people, and truly look deeper than superficial qualities.

I can positively say that this choice has made me happier, more confident, and ready to take on new things. Thank you.

Keeping sexually abstinent till 16, as a friend of mine already has had sex at 14 and is now facing rape charges. Go figure.

LINK – 30-day check-in: Don’t plan on going back.

By xienn