Age 14 – I never expected any great effects, but it ended up changing my life.

THE AMAZING JOURNEY: A fourteen year old boy challenges himself not to jack off all summer. Sounded almost like a news article when I came up with it. Best three months of my life, no joke. I went to a badass summer camp, started running and working out, talked to people a lot more, made eye contact, and right in the middle of it, discovered the actual Nofap subreddit.

I was pushed to meditate, take cold showers, get up early and grow my hair out. It was a great experience, but I had to move on. At the end of the summer, around my 70th day, I relapsed. Didn’t take a big hit emotionally, but I did go back to jacking off for about three weeks before school started. This was my last relapse.

Having been home-schooled and isolated from the world outside of church, I wanted to go to school. I ended up getting in to the high school all my friends go to as a sophomore, only taking electives. Hell yes. I have made my social skills infinitely better and met several great new friends.

The past year I have transformed from a 90lb kid who plays video games and jerks off with all his free time into pretty much a man. I play video games a couple hours a day, but no fapping. Everything else is productive.


My earliest memories are of me, laying in bed, playing with myself. It was physically impossible to get any real sensation, but it was still good fun. I had a method that I used where you didn’t even need an erection. I would make a cup with my hands, then put it on my crotch. I would fall onto a soft surface, usually my bed, and shimmy back and forth with my legs in the air. I would massage myself while simultaneously pushing and pulling and working with gravity. I had no idea what I was doing and would even occasionally do it in front of my sisters, the older of which scowled and scolded me. When I was 8, I started to hide my behavior. I didn’t know what it was, but it made me feel guilty somehow. Still, as I grew, it would feel better and better and I would do it more and more frequently. I started fantasizing, though I have forgotten what I possibly could have been thinking. When I was 9, my dad was called to work as a pastor all the way across the country. I adjusted well, but I was now living in a much more urban environment (near Seattle).

When I was ten I bought my first personal computer. I soon discovered just what I was doing, and not long after, I started experiencing dry orgasms. One time when I was 11, out of curiosities sake, I googled images of naked women. You can guess exactly what that lead to. I didn’t really ever look at hardcore stuff, it always gave me some kind of evil vibe I still get today. I got caught. A lot. Of course nobody ever really confronted me, I always played it off or switched the screen away quickly. I started ejaculating and wearing a sock. Not long after, I stopped porn. My mind could generate exactly what I wanted, which was usually much worse and much more personal than what I found online. I could imagine a fantasy of the apocalypse and it’s only me and a female friend left on earth to repopulate, and I have all day to come up with the details. I’ve been home-schooled, and the masturbating has been using up a lot of my free time.

Last November, when I was 13, I went to a youth retreat with my church. Now, I had been on over ten retreats before this, but this one hit me hard. The lessons all were about self-consciousness and self-esteem. I got home and said no more porn. I haven’t looked at it (not anything substantial, anyways) since. February of this year (2013) I was given a bracelet in support of a cancer my youth pastor’s mother had. I thought to myself “It would kind of be hard to put your hands in your pants when you’re wearing that”. So I challenged myself to go from the end of February to my birthday in early April without jacking off. I hadn’t heard of Nofap yet, so no placebo was possible. I felt like a million bucks the whole time. I discovered so much, my sensitive side, my confident side, blue balls, etc. It was something I had never really done before. Of course, I fapped on my birthday. One long session, till early morning. I went back to my regular schedule until summer, where I went on what I called the Amazing Journey.


• Before you attempt (or during if you haven’t) make a lifeline. Just open up notepad and write down why you are doing it and things to do to distract yourself. If you feel an urge, go read it.

• If you never have, try cold showers. They provide a great moral boost and improve your willpower over time.

• Think of the Nofap site as like a runway. Visit for takeoff and landing, and when you are unstable or lacking fuel go ahead and come on. If you constantly check Nofap, the motivation will use weight AND you will be consistently reminded of PMO.

• Forget about porn. Seriously, just don’t even think about it. Think of them as con artists, stealing your money, time, and fertility and selling you false comfort.

• Get out of your house. Go somewhere where it is socially unacceptable to put your hands in your pants. Airplanes included.

• Working out gets rid of a large portion of your excess sex energy. Common knowledge.

• Work on you. As the quote we see here every other day says, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Not only forget about PMO, fill your head with new and exciting things. Learn a language, learn to code, learn an instrument, learn to dance. There are too many exciting things to learn in this world, and replacing any with PMO is a complete and utter waste.

Is Nofap worth it?

Well, my entire life I have felt like I was a super self-conscious, underweight beta-male. I stopped video games, I picked up five different instruments, I started going to school and I got fit. I have lots of great friends and can easily make more anywhere, any time I want. If you are curious, try it for a month. I never expected any great effects or superpowers when I first tried, but it ended up changing my life.


I haven’t even written half of what I wanted to and it’s a shame, because I feeling I didn’t do it justice. Just know I am extremely grateful I found this place as early in my life as I did and that I love you all and wish you good luck and Merry Christmas.

LINK I’m 14 years old. I have been masturbating as long as I can remember. This is my 90 day report.

by Zevante4197