Age 14 – I was an overweight, weird, dull, boring kid that plays video games & faps all day.

As of today I’m 92 days in on nofap and have decided that I will never masturbate again as I have show myself I can’t handle it without spiraling down the dark road to PMO land.

To get here wasn’t and easy task AT ALL. When I first started I went 20 days, relapsed, then went 14 days, relapsed, then I went 43 days then caves in.

I myself have felt many benefits as no PMO has given me motivation to work out and play sports which in turn I went from 185 pounds to 133. I’m not a hardcore gamer like I used to be thus freeing up time for my archery skills.

I can look peope in the eye when talking and I have wit. As for the girl situation of mine I still don’t have one but it doesn’t bother me too much as I can devote much of my time to my hobbies and working out which keeps me happy.

I don’t know whether it was me but nofap has really helped me grow in theast 3 months I’m not the same person when I was PMOing I was an overweight, weird, dull, boring kid that plays video games and faps all day.

My grades have greatly improved as I used to suck horribly at math and now I destroy geometry.

Like most cases the first few days were pure hell, then things leveled out for a while but urges were spontaneous and difficult to fight at night laying in bed. About relapses, I felt like complete shit after my 42 day streak and binged for about 2 days until I could get back on my feet.

I have had a total of 2 wet dreams both being on the 42 day streak but it didn’t feel the same as a PMO I didn’t really have a feeling to it, it just happened and I felt the same from on.

As for the future i do not plan on MOing anytime later in life. I don’t plan on telling any friends of mine as I’ll wait until they are a bit older so they could take it seriously. Thank you to whomever is reading this poorly typed text.

Tl:dr- I put my age because many people who do nofap are usually 18 to 55.

LINK – I am 14 years old and I have gone 92 days.

by Yhdeksan