Age 14 – Out of a downward spiral

I don’t know where to start.. no fap has helped me in Life so much its scary to think what happens if i decided not to click on this reddit?

About me: 14 years old, fapping since the age of 9 years old. Fapped 1-3 times a day started to watch porn when i was around 10 years old. Age 14 it was harder to get off to porn videos had to find the right one.. etc.

The Beginning.. so from the start, my life felt like it was going in a downward spiral I was depressed, a lot of social anxiety (even just by logging on Facebook) could barely talk to chicks (and barely any attention from them also) school was a drag – didn’t socialize just stayed at home playing video games. Didn’t find anything else entertaining. Hated life no goals/ambitions.

Then I was home one day watching buzzfeed videos on YouTube and came across a video called 10 male masturbation facts and in one of those facts it said “there is a site where people abstain from fapping they are called fapstronauts”. So I searched it up out of curiosity and I admit i had a laugh do they really think that not fapping will actually make a difference.

Then I started reading around and seeing peoples success story’s and inspirational posts and I said to myself I’ll give it a go. My first streak was 8 days, and in those 8 days I was a different person. Words seemed to flow out of my mouth with ease. Happy, determined and positive, and then I relapsed I was mad with myself. But I gave it another shot.

The second day of my next streak was the most amazing buzz I have ever had in my life. I was on my laptop and I was reading around on nofap and for some reason I felt amazingly happy and I didn’t give a fuck about what other people thought for a change. It was simply amazing.

Days 1-7: super horny and energetic and happy and felt great and confident with nofap

Days 7-30: I gained confidence with talking to females I started off talking to these really hot chicks, mumbling, didn’t no what to say or how to say it or how to respond when they talked to me, and nervous. Then on day 30 i was kind of normal when i talked to them and got a lot more attention from females all over also.

Days 30-60: This is where I hit the flatline and also learned something new: I was in class one day and it just hit me like a wave randomly, and it was that girls can be friends also, not just sex objects and girlfriends, and I had never taken this into consideration before.

I was a lot more funnier in class and more alive turned some enemies into friends. Also didn’t think about porn or masturbation as often, which was a nice feeling. Had some goals: getting a job, do better in school, go to the gym etc.

Days 60-90: Remember those girls that I said I was bad at talking to before? Well, when talking with them now I can hold I conversation with them now and make them laugh….. and I could go on but you get the point.

Day 90 and up:

I got a job got some new cloths, lost the mop on my head, and got a decent haircut. Attention from girls was great – got called hot a few times here and there. Confident, determined, got outside and started hanging out with my friends outside of school. Bursting with energy, lost interest in PlayStation and loved getting outside and socializing went to party’s people saw a change in me and asked me about it some time’s got a solid tan and excited for life

Conclusion of nofap: So I did it in my second attempt and it was hard I’m not going to lie I had some hard moments and some very close moments to relapsed again. But I got through thankfully and I couldn’t be happier with my life now. This is the quote that got me through most of the urges:

suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the even greater pain of regret i thank you all for supporting me through my journey and wish you all best luck.

LINK – by josh-swagger

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