Age 15 – 30+days: Out of Flat line And The Difference.

I started this streak like every one of us do hopeless, full of guilt, ashamed and all those suicidal thoughts, but I am proud and happy to say I no longer feel that way.

Nofap has given my life purpose. I was in flatline from day 1 absolutely no libido or erections just fucking thoughts to watch porn. Every second every day my brain was telling me “go to pornhub pleaseeeeee gooo touch yourself pleaseeeee”. I was lethargic, I mean I felt lethargic but if I engaged in a physical activity then I could clearly see my performance improving every day. Flat line is annoying I tell you. Your head aches constantly, seriously you can’t sleep, and you can’t feel anything down there. You have those suicidal thoughts (if you are/were depressed like me). You feel worthless but let me tell you that “the darkest nights produce the brightest stars”.

On day 34 I woke up with the best feeling ever, my morning wood was back, I have never been so happy about anything lol. I felt all pumped up, confident and happy. I could see the difference in my eyes, in my way of speaking and especially in my way of thinking about girls.

So long story short-“don’t get annoyed by flat line, embrace it. It is the hardest and probably the most annoying part of recovery from this addiction, but if you fight it, you can have your crown back.” [I am not a good writer] sorry xd..

I also made a really informative and completely realistic post about what you can expect in first 30 days of nofap, which will give you motivation for sure, so be sure to check it out.


Peace Out Warriors, Hope You All Win Your Battles.

LINK – 30+days – Out of Flat line And The Difference.

by Fightthedevil