Age 15 – 49 days: ED cured. I can now get it up 100% in any position,

Day 31 – I first started masturbating to porn when I was 13 or 14. I was doing it most days, if not every day. Then around my 15th birthday in July, I realized I couldn’t keep an erection without porn. So over the last year I’ve been trying over and over again to reboot, failing everytime at around 2-3 weeks. Now I am in week 5 and still in  flatline 🙁 . Yet, I have absolutely no desire to watch porn or masturbate. Will my past tries at rebooting help with this one? How long will I be in flatline? In what week would I be able to have sex? And how many more weeks will my reboot last since I haven’t been watching porn for that long?

Day 34 -This is really starting to scare me. I didn’t really have a fetish watching porn (although big breasts are kind of my thing lol), but even when I pass by a raunchy picture on Instagram, there’s no  life down there. is this part of flatline?Also, I’m having some HOCD symptoms. UPDATE: As far as mood goes, I’ve honestly never felt better. I used to he depressed all the time, but now I feel pretty awesome all the time and I can’t remember my last bad day. As far as my libido is concerned, I can get 60-70% hard with a beautiful girl in front of me, but only in my prone position( sitting/laying down). Standing up, no life at all.

Finally, in terms of urges, I’m petrified to watch porn. I don’t know how guys still have urges after goin through this. I never want to each another video again. Being horny in your head and lifeless down there sucks so bad.

Day 36 – After a month and a week, im out of flatline, but I’m not completely healed. Like I can get aroused when I see beautiful girls, but it goes back down like minute later. I think I’ll be completely healed by week 8-9. I have no more urges at all. AND, I had a wet dream last night.

Day 38 – This flatline is different than the last one. It’s not as bad in terms of lifelessness, but it gives this awkward feeling I can’t ignore. Not only that, but it makes me really stressed out about the rest of my reboot. Going into the reboot, I didn’t think it would have this much impact on my life, but it’s on my mind literally 100% of the time. At this point, I’m just glad I’ve lost complete interest in porn. (Later) I think I overreacted and just had a bad libido day lol. I think it’s the beginning of the rewiring process because I’m starting to respond more to things like touch and sound than visual stimulation. This is by far the worst possible addiction. Like you could quit drugs by avoiding drugs, but you can’t ignore your penis lol. And when you actually try to quit, you can’t predict your progress. Sheesh, the things I would do to go back in time to the day I first started watching porn.

Day 43 – So I think my girlfriend wants to have sex. I’ve been dreading this day (id never thought id say that) for a while because I don’t want to have an embarrassing experience. I’m not in a  complete flatline, so I’m really confused as too how this could turn out. My pride would be absolutely without a doubt destroyed.

Day 49 – I guess this means I’m cured. I can now get it up 100% in any position, just thinking about someone. I forgot I had this account until scrolling through my history. I haven’t been on the site in days. This was not as hard as it was long. And I only took 7 weeks. Lol, anyways I hope other teenagers can find out about this page.

I’m never watching porn and going through this again. But as for advice, everytime you want to watch porn, think about what it has done to you. I hate porn almost as much as I hate cancer now realizing it virtually took my penis from me. Just keep going and take it day by day.


BY – BigBoy88