Age 15 – 6-month struggle, but obvious benefits

Hey guys it’s been 6 months since I first discovered NoFap. I relapsed yesterday. The most I went without fapping is 14 days. Even though it’s such a short streak, as long as you stay focused and never give up, the “superpowers” don’t really leave.

I’m 15. And wow, NoFap has really made me way more open with others.

SITUATION: Big family banquet hall party.

OLD SELF RESULT: Getting dragged onto the dance floor, clapping hands for a bit, way too shy to actually start having a good time, itching to express how I feel through dance, but can’t.

NEW SELF RESULT: Danced like crazy. I suck at dancing. But I didn’t care.. because I’m with my cousins and people I love and who gives a shit..

SITUATION: Pretty girls in school.

OLD RESULT: Passing in the hallway? Quickly look and then avoid eye contact. Besides..they didn’t even look at me. Like I never existed.

Sitting beside me in class? Don’t look at them, don’t talk, act like I’m too cool for them..

NEW RESULT: They actually look at me. I look to and I smile! Sitting beside me in class? Talk to them, their just like me: Human. I’m not trying to get laid, I’m trying to make a friend.

Bottom line is: If you relapse, reset your badge immediately. I didn’t think too much of me just quickly trying again. It’s hard for me to go two weeks, but at least I’m not fapping everyday.

Cold Showers + Continuous streaks of 5+ days = Way better than where you were yesterday.

My goal is to try to only go one max in a week and that’s if I really can’t help it.

52 ejaculations > 365 ejaculations

I’ve also changed who I am. I’m not getting pushed around because I don’t take shit from anyone anymore. I stopped going by my nickname and started going with my full name. New identity. New look.

Porn is a killer though. I could go easily 40+ days but just two days of watching porn got me hooked again. Still recovering from that.

TL;DR: In these 6 months, I may have relapsed many times, but not giving up and constantly resetting my badge and getting up made me actually have long term results whilst relapsing. Keeping going!!

LINK – 6 months since I discovered NoFap. Long term results.

by Raithish