Age 15 – 90 days: I know now that I’m not the same person

Hello /r/nofap. I have reached 90 days. Here is my story

I am 15 years old and ridiculed my friend when he said he tried this challenge. That is, until I tried it. My first streak lasted 53 days. When I relapsed I felt like I would never go another 3 months… that seemed unfathomable. But those 53 days man… it was like putting on HD glasses for life. So I got back on the horse the very next day and here I am.

The first two months were empowering. Invigorating. I worked out, learned an instrument, picked up a sport, flirted with everyone. It all seemed like it was leading to something. Like once I reached the magic number my life would change forever. I kept telling myself, “how can you live with the fact that the longest you have ever gone in your entire lifetime with out touching yourself is only 53 days?” Because in my mind I had imagined waking up at age 60 only having not masturbated for 53 days of my life. It scared me. To become that person.

So that fear drove me. To become better, to grow. As the days neared 90 I was anticipating a climax to the journey. I expected to wake up with wings or maybe I could breathe fire. I was disappointed. This much work, and what reward? I thought.

But I know now that I’m not the same person I was 90 days ago. Rewards don’t appear one day. That’s what this journey was about. Im not done growing, not for a while. So thank you sir. Thank you mam. Thanks to all of you for putting me on the right path. If I can do it, you sure as hell can do it better.

Stay strong nofap


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