Age 15 – How NoFap has changed my life so far.


Before giving you some background information about my PMO addiction I would like to thank everyone who helped and encouraged me to start this journey. (Especially @Burner1 ) Without various members of our community and people I know in real life I would have not made it this far.

It was around November 2015 where I had been peer pressured into trying PMO. Me, a chubby 14 year old kid with low self esteem no physical strength and with no inspirations decided to give it a try after hearing phrases that were clearly encouraging me to give it a go. In addition, as many of you might have had the same feeling, I felt like if I wouldn’t have tried PMO I would have been left outside of my circle.

For the first few times I didn’t find anything pleasing in watching P and doing MO. This was most likely because I was it doing it “correctly” and to this day I wished it could have stayed like that. Then at around February of 2016 I got really into it and began to PMO 1 or 2 times each week. Unfortunately the summer went by and we all know that free time can be a very dangerous thing for us addicts. Long story short, that summer I truly got addicted to PMO doing it almost once every day.

Fast forwards a few months when I felt truly sad about my life and couldn’t realize what was going on. I was always sad, bored, lazy, tired and began criticizing and bringing people down. As I began realizing and noticing this negative change in my attitude (October 2016) I truly didn’t know what was the cause. I was stressed everyday, anxious about the next one. I had absolutely zero motivation to do my schoolwork, help my parents etc. This “disease” consumed me.

Then 3 days before my birthday I came across this video from a channel called: Improvement Pill. The video was titled “NoFap, scientific proof that it works.” That’s when my eyes opened up and saw the truth. I finally realized that PMO was the problem. I knew that I needed to stop and felt a boost in motivation to stop for the first 2 days. I stopped for 2 days. Then…. I realized the fact that this battle was going to be harder. I failed and immediately wanted to give up. A part of me didn’t want to quit and probably still doesn’t want today and another part of me was truly scared to live without PMO. Then since late November 2016 to this present day I began making strong changes in my life which brought joy back in my life.

  • I stopped hanging out with my PMO “friends.”
  • I deleted all social medias.
  • I began hanging out with classmates who don’t PMO
  • I deleted all the P on my phone.

After having multiple fails in the first 2 weeks (About 5 relapses) I went on a 22 day streak and relapsed after that. Then I went on another 9 days streak then 4 days and found myself struggling. I wanted to quit, I wanted to give up on everything and believed that I will never make it. Then something changed, something deep inside me, maybe the motivation, the need to prove myself and others that did PMO that I can overcome this challenge in my life in order to work on the best version of myself.

Currently I’m on a 42 days streak and my life both physically, mentally and physiologically has truly changed to a better one. The brain fog went away, the motivation came back and the superpowers are starting to be real.

  • I got involved in outside activities with more passion than before. Started playing Badminton again twice a week and drums once a week.
  • I’m not ashamed or awkward about talking to girls, on the other hand, I feel the need to always say hi when a great personality (rather than looks) shines from across the school corridor.
  • I try to enjoy simple things in like and always try to look on the bright side of the situation.
  • I have made some new friends that I am somewhat comfortable to share the truth about my PMO addiction with.
  • I have cut 80% of connections with my old friends as I realized they were bringing me down by encouraging me to PMO
  • If I have a stare at a girls body (In mid puberty) I am much more able to catch myself and stop what I’m doing.
  • I have stopped taking pictures of girls in my year. (Quite embarrassing to be honest and very weird but since I’m sharing this might as well tell the whole story.)
  • I’ve encouraged some people to take on the NoFap journey and quit PMO.
  • +Motivation – Procrastination.
  • Grades have been going up in certain school subjects.
  • Clearer plans about future and living my life day by day. As a result I know what my long term goals are for the next few years but do not stress about them and rather accomplish bit by bit of them.
  • I rarely fantasize after seeing unintentional triggers.
  • I have a better self discipline.
  • Stopped objectifying women

All in all, I would like to thank everyone that I’ve met in this community so far for give me advices, helping me out when battling against this addiction, answering my question and supporting me at any given moment. Next goal: 60 days, 90 days…. Forever!

Remember – Don’t give up on a goal because of how long it will take to archive it. Time will pass anyways!

Stay strong everyone, accomplish your goals and believe in yourself. Nothing is possible without hope.

I’ll hopefully see you on 60+ days and come back with more benefits/changes.


LINK – How NoFap has changed my life so far.

by Free4Life