Age 15 – Lot more energy, Social anxiety is disappearing, More confidence, More aggressive, Clearer mind, Sexual energy is through the roof


So I’ve been doing NoFap for a while like 2 years and I am not gonna share my story because its losing your time. So my benefits so far:

  • A lot more energy in the gym
  • Social anxiety is disappearing
  • More confidence
  • Music sounds better
  • I feel comfortable in my own skin a little bit more
  • More aggressive
  • Clearer mind
  • More willpower to study and clean my room
  • Feeling the energy inside of me through the day , overall feeling more alive than ever
  • My words come fluently from my mouth
  • Sexual energy is through the roof , when I get an urge my entire body feels the sexual energy building like I drank energy drink or something , it’s amazing
  • Giving less fucks about what others think
  • Thicker facial hair, my moustache is growing thicker and my beard too
  • Less pimples on my face , clearer face
  • Less anxiety when talking with strangers I was suffering so much with masturbation and all these benefits below were in a negative way .

These 2 years were like hell for me in every aspect of my life, but you must fight and NEVER GIVE UP. Pain is temporary, glory is forever folks! I’ve been taking cold showers also because with them I am braver in social aspects. I have a few tips for you

  1. It’s never too late to make a change in your life!
  2. Type the things that are reason you are doing Nofap on a list of paper and every time you got an urge read them. Or simply get out of your bed and play some music to clear your mind.
  3. Without pain we cannot learn , so when you relapse do everything against your will to get back on track, do not wait till the benefits come again just do the things that you did when you were on a big streak and don’t give a fuck about the comfort . ”Life begins when you are out of your comfort zone ”
  4. Also don’t take nofap for granted, this shit is just a tool to improve your life not the thing that will cure every problem. ”You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in yours pockets”!

This is my last post in this reddit because I’m living the benefits of the others in that way. Use it only for motivation or when you get an urge.

Live your own life! Peace

LINK – 15 Years old – 34 days REPORT

by SelfKnowledge