Age 15 – returned to my friendly, motivated self

It’s hard to believe that is has been 90 days. I didn’t start this journey so I could get a girl friend or so I could be more confident. I started it because I had hated myself. I remember two years ago (when I didn’t fap) I used to have fun and I also used to enjoy life.

When I started fapping (a year ago), I changed. I am not saying this to be “over dramatic”, the people I know had noticed and actually told me that I had changed, that I was somehow different. I realized I wasn’t that friendly, outgoing person anymore. I was angry because I hated the person I had become, and frustrated because I didn’t know how to fix myself. I started nofap, not because I thought it would fix me. I started Nofap, because I thought “hey Its not like i have anything better to do”. As you can tell I had a horrible mindset.

However when I started my mindset started to change. Have you ever felt that feeling when you get into a cold shower and that jolt of cold water wakes you up, it feels uncomfortable at first, but eventually you get used to it and then you start to like it. You feel more energized you feel more alert. In a nutshell that was my nofap experience. Now 90 days later, I am disgusted by the thought of PMO.

I play soccer and I look forward to every game. I talk to more people and more people also talk to me. I want to learn more and I am interested in more things. I compare me from 90 days ago to me now. I feel bad for him and I know I never wanna go back to ever being anything like him. When I go a whole entire day without thinking of fapping,nofap,or anything related, it is a good day. My Brain is getting used to the idea of not fapping, and every single day it needs it less and less. I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me and keeping me from destroying my life.

The list below are some sub reddits that helped me though this as well. /r/PornFree Porn also fucks up your brain. /r/ EarthPorn Its nice a beautiful picture, of something that isn’t a naked women. /r/ GetMotivated for those lazy days when i didn’t have to anything and i could have fapped. They helped me get off the couch and do something.

/r/ QuotesPorn They presenting me with intellectual words and some inspiring thoughts. Good luck fapstronaughts.

LINK – My 90 Day Report

by Navreet1997