Age 16 – 80 day report: a totally different person

It’s taken me so long to register, but it’s time now.

After being an unhappy PMO’er for about 4 years, I found this Sub-Reddit and basically sat back in amazement. I never realised the reason I was so shy and quiet was because of PM. I never thought I was good enough for anyone. I thought I was too ugly, or too boring. I felt as if I’d never be loved.

So I said “Screw it. My days of PMO are over.” And quit.

I’ve nearly relapsed a few times, but I also know what’s going wrong and fixed it. One week ago today, I was fortunate enough to get my second ever girlfriend. This time however, we just click. Its really good and, as a Fapstronaut virgin, this is really exciting.

After starting NoFap I’ve become a totally different person. I’m louder, more energetic, more clear, I’m not socially awkward. I can confirm that NoFap is probably one of the best decisions of my entire life.

I guess as a little bit of a veteran too (Serious modesty) you can ask me for tips which I use etc.

Good luck everyone on their journey. You can do this. It’s a battle of self control, but if you want to succeed you will.

TL;DR Fapper of 4 years, stopped, got a girlfriend, going well, life has changed dramatically, feel in control, AMA.

LINK – What 80-something days has done for me

by flop_it_out



My time has come…

It sucks to be saying this, but I’m done here. About 25 minutes ago, I PO’d after 240 long days (8 Months!), which I have never been known to do before (Without M).

It’s the most frustrating and upsetting feeling I’ve felt in a while. 8 months of hard labour, lost in seconds. I feel like a failure, but I know that what I have done is incredible, so this little story isn’t about my loss, but my gain.

I believe as a person, that I have grown a ridiculous amount, and further than I thought was even possible. I’ve been more interested in things, been able to see different sights, hear different things. My life is incredible right now.

But I want to move on to the main reason of this post. I’m leaving NoFap. I’m the type of person who is a ‘one-and-done’. I’ll only count so far once. So now I’m going. but no, I’m not stopping. I will do my absolute best to never Fap again. and I know that I can do it, because I’ve proven it to myself and everyone around me for the last 8 months.

By no means, see this as an excuse to leave. Stay here and get encouragement. People with smiley faces as their flair, keep at it. Serisouly, I thought 90 days would be hard, but before you know it, you’ll never think of Fapping again.

Overall, I guess there is one thing to learn from this. No matter how far you come, there will be times of weakness and times of pain. Don’t let them get the better of you!

Everyone out there has the opportunity to begin being the best they can be. Go get it, and show the world how strong the NoFap community is. Maybe one day I’l come back…

TL;DR: I’m leaving, but I’m glad of what I’ve accomplished and I will continue my quest for NoFapness!