Age 16 – Bisexual or just HOCD (my experience & advice to HOCDers)

People always say “if you’re attracted to guys in real life then you’re bisexual” “if the locker room was a turn on, you have a degree of interest in men” etc…

Well here’s my experience…

I started being a little attracted to guys. IN REAL LIFE. Sometimes I found guys attractive and had sexual thoughts of them etc. This happened in locker rooms. While going out. REAL MEN IN REAL LIFE.

This was after 5.5 years of masturbation and porn. I started masturbation at 11, did it 2-4 times a day, went 5 years without going more than 12 hours without a fap. and porn at 12, nearly 13. All over women. Then soon, developed an interest in male porn, which then translated to real life. I never done anything with a guy, but after like 40 days of hardmode nofap I lost attraction to guys completely. It’s been 91 days and since day 40 I’ve found guys disgusting like I used to. Now I have ZERO interest in men. On the screen or in real life. I had interest in men 91 days ago.

Why the fuck do people just say “you’re bi if your attracted to men in real life”?

Here’s my theory. All humans have characteristics of the opposite sex, therefore human sexuality follows a spectrum.

In my case, I think I’m 85% straight and 15% gay. I started masturbation before I got a sexual interest in any gender. I’ve always found girls legs and faces beautiful, but at 13 I started being interested in the womans breasts and asses etc…

Watching porn and fapping to it conditions your brain to only be able to get attracted to what you saw (depends on the person). And since your addicted to porn, your brain looks for new novelty. After desensitizing to real women, I desensitized to women on screens, then got an interest in males on screens, which soon escalated to men in real life. I wasn’t attracted to men often, usually it would be that I noticed their looks a bit more, but not really attracted, and maybe once or twice a week I’d start looking at a hot guy and thinking sexual shit about him.

And after 40 days nofap, I was only attracted to women and am disgusted by men. Day 91, I feel my hormones and pheromones and shit telling me to bond and mate with women lol. So since day 40 I feel 100% straight again.

Maybe people who are attracted to men in porn but not men in real life, maybe they are >95% straight.

In my opinion, it’s not possible to be more than 85% gay. Because if you were, you would have just been born as a girl.

There are a few homosexuals who say they potentially turned bi due to PMO addiction. Started finding girls super attractive on streets etc… What happened when they did nofap? They became gay again.

If you’ve recently “discovered you’re bisexual” and your not happy about it and want to be straight, if you are addicted to porn and masturbation, then maybe you’re like me and only 85% straight, and that when you reboot you will go back to fully 85% straight and 15% gay. 85% straight means your more than 5 times more attracted to girls than guys, so it will just feel like your not attracted to guys at all. Take it from me, I’ve been there.

edit: Yes I’m religious and would hate to be gay or bi. No, I don’t understand God’s logic as to why he made homosexuals how they are and yet forbids masturbation and homosexuality.

But I guess I’m lucky I’m only a tiny bit gay, so that on nofap I have gone back to straight.

edit: I do feel a little shit sometimes that I’m not more than 95% straight like most males. I don’t feel like a real man sometimes. But you know what? I’ve gone 90 days without fapping or watching porn. How many, out of 1 million straight (>95 straight) men would even consider going 30 days without an orgasm? How many men who are more than 95% straight have made themselves 10 times more confident, attractive, healthier and fitter after 90 days, and willing to keep improving for the rest of their lives? How many >95% straight men turned from a failing student to an A* grade student? I don’t feel like a bitch. I don’t feel like a queer. I don’t feel like I’m not a real man. Because if I was more than 85% straight, I wouldn’t have came to nofap. And I wouldn’t have improved my life like I have now.

I feel great. Because i have EARNED the ability to be able to call myself a man. >80% of men are born with it. Just like how the royal family don’t earn any money, they get given it. Well I’ve earned this, and I feel great,

I’m only 16, I will be 17 in 4 months. I want to wait till I’m 20/21 before going and finding a girl, but the only people that know this shit is me and God, and I will only ever tell my future girl this stuff. I’ve now told nofap, as none of u know me irl.

LINK – Bisexual or just HOCD (my experience & advice to HOCDers)

by ShahA1