Age 16 – Grades up, got the girl of my dreams, my body is a beast

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Benefits: – I have had sex with 2 different girls – kissed with many girls at parties – made a whole lot of friends – my grades got much better – My body is a beast (I have so much energy) – I begann to meditate and learn much more – no anxiety – much more energy and dopamine – the days feels longer and i have so much time to do all kinds of things – i got the girl of my dreams.

Let me start by telling you guys, this has been a wonderful journey. I will make a quick resume of my pmo-free days

Week 1-5: this was probably the hardest weeks of my life. I was thinking of relapsing all the time. Like all the time and this was really hard. I was depressed and lazy. And i was thinking that maybe nofap wasn’t worth it.

Week 6-10: then my energy level raised. I had so much energy, like holyyyyy shiiiet. It was incredible. I was training 5 times a week now, 2-3 hours each time. Before that i could only find place to train like 2-3 in a week max 1 hour each time. My anxiety for talking to girls was gone. I could easily go over to any girl and start a conversation. I had become a beast. I wanted to learn something new each day, so school was so much more interresting. Instead of watching nonsense tv and reality shows, i begann to read books about knowlegde (about thing i always wanted to learn). I dont think of fapping. Never. Like it feels disgusting to watch pmo now.

11-12: i feel the same as i did in week 6-10. I have no anxiety at all. Im about to have my exams, and im not nervous at all. I always got a girlfriend, which was actually a girl I had hunted for a year.

Nofap if real, if you really work for it even though it feels like nothing is changing. Then trust me it will. Nofap is a lifechanger and you wont regret it

I am 16, my symptoms was that i was kinda akward and nervous to talk to girl, i was lazy and i wanted to improve, i had fapped since i was 13, about 6-7 times each week

Good luck to everybody on their nofap journey. I have no thoughts on fapping again. Ever. My life is wonderful, and I see girls and the world as it really is.

LINK – Just passed 90 days!

By mathiassch