Age 16 – I had quit sports, quit hobbies, and stuck to 24/7 call of duty after school

Well, after a long journey of hardmode nofap here is the info I owe. Profile: 16 years old, Junior in High School, want to be something when I’m older, just don’t know exactly what yet.

High Point: I think “High Point” is a misrepresentation of the NoFap streak, primarily because there is no 1 high point, I think the high point, if any, is achieving something while doing this challenge that would not have been possible given the previous circumstances.

Low Point: 90 days ago was my lowest point if this streak, and I can say that with content in my heart. I had relapsed not to porn, but just to my hand, I was dissapointed, but learned that its all apart of life, and something just clicked after that.

Things I learned about myself: I have become aware of my tendencies, compulsions (if you would call them that) and other things that were previously disconcerting towards my well-being, I had quit sports, quit hobbies, and stuck to 24/7 call of duty after school, this had a toll on my social life aswell as my academic future.(ALL BEFORE my nofap discovery.)

New Activities: My 2 most favorite new activities I have taken up are Weightlifting, and competitive swimming. I am on the school swim team and I can tell you that having a nice body is very helpful because people like attractive people. (Nofap has helped with this because of increased test for muscle retaining, and better skin and hair, as well as “prettier eyes”.

Advice to new Fapstronauts: a few people might argue that 90 days goes by fast, but that is easy to say at this point because I am at 90 days. Everything that was a struggle is now behind me, and I can say that it was a hard struggle.

Where I was 90 days ago: In the shower, contemplating the usefulness of this forsaken challenge.

Where I am today: At my computer, finishing up algebra 2 and I took a break to write this, seeing as I’ve been putting it off all day.

IMO Biggest myth on nofap: My Motivation in the beginning was to be better. This is a broad statement but what I mean is, attractiveness, wittiness, and overall just wanted people to like me so I can be happy.

Questions: My biggest question is that if people will ever come to the senses that maybe hours of sitting in front of porn is very good for you after all.

Concerns: My biggest concern for the future of Nofap is the community, and the mild contorted view of us being a Cult. The view is there for a reason, and its because people come here and see little kids acting like this is hackforums and yelling at each other and saying “yu must nawt fap, for u wil be cursed” is downputting to our view and if I were to run this sub I would have to make things more laid back and less like “WE CANNOT FAP, DONT TOUCH YOUR DICK” you get the point.

Plans: My plan, is to stay on track on my schoolwork, be on time to school, and work towards being a better swimmer every day I show up to practice.

The Takeaway: You should try this, even if you think we’re a cult, because I can promise you there is nothing to be lost, except your daily dose of dopamine.

Tips to become a better version of yourself: Think of 2 things that you can live without, that you do daily, and use /r/thexeffect or /r/giveme40days to get rid of that habit. Chances are, its affecting you negatively.

LINK – 90 Days: HardMode report + thoughts & tips

by Komin



Watched every second of it. As someone who started at 10 and was consumed in this for 5 years, it wakes me up to how fortunate I am for discovering this so early. Thank you.