Age 16 – I have gained my own approval, mild PIED gone


Im 16 years old and I have been exposed to porn in late elementary school (8 or 9 years old). I started watching it regularly when I was 11 or 12 while fapping, but I had dry orgasms as my body didn’t produce semen yet.

When I turned 13, that is when I started fapping regularly, probably a few times a week or sometimes a few times every two weeks. In the summer of me turning 15, (Bday is in the summer) I started fapping every night. By the time I knew it, I was fapping every night and sometimes in the afternoon when I could.

After a few months of this, my erections got slower and slower. I always felt a very small feeling of shame when fapping, after finishing. But I wouldn’t pay any mind to it. So April-May of 2015 I went a few days without fapping and I would get easily irritated and I would google “Is Masturbation bad for you?” and I would justify it and end up fapping.

Around August (Birthmonth) I experienced something that opened my eyes. I was at a water park and TRIGGER WARNING, I saw a very attractive women and she was fixing her clothing, lets just leave it at that. I expected myself to get an erection but I didn’t.

I asked one of my friends, he did something called “NoFap November”, and he said to switch to Soft Core Pornography. I saw a Ted-X talk about why someone doesn’t watch porn anymore (Nothing about the tho).

I tried for a few days not watching porn but I found myself just masturbating about every few hours. I ran out of material to use and eventually went back to porn. I told that same friend that im just going to try to cut everything out Porn wise. I went 2 days. TWO DAYS LOL. I edged and had the biggest blue balls in my life then I relapsed.

 So a week later I managed to get on a 5-day streak. I was at the park and I felt like just a small breeze would give me an erection. I saw a few girls just checking me out which never happens to me. Im average looking but im 6’1 and 150lb. I listened in on their convo while I was sitting down and I heard them arguing about who gets to speak to me first.

 I went home that day, searched up NoFap and found this beautiful subreddit. I literally searched up “Not fapping female attraction????” and found some youtubers talking about and some posts about it. I WAS IN.

I told my cousin about it and he thanks me every once in a while since he was a chick magnet before NoFap and he gets even more girls now.

Anyways, I couldn’t get passed 2 weeks. I took me a month or two before I got on a decent streak. Sometime in November I was doing really good, 2 week streak and I felt like girls were all over me. It was insane. I also felt other benefits. In the Gym I would be able to lift more than usual, I be able to be awake on less sleep, my PIED or mild PIED was completely gone and I had a huge boost in Happiness. The happiest I have ever been was because of NoFap. I felt like a kid again, just more like a Man.

Unfortunately, I ended the streak while having too much free time. It was a relapse like no other. My head literally felt like someone dented my skull into my brain. I felt like half my brain power just died. I struggled to get on a decent streak until January 10th of this year.

I vowed to never PMO again, or enjoy doing so. I did this with no porn-blockers, no accountability partner. Just me and lurking the subreddit. Around day 50 I peeked. I kept peeking and I couldn’t stop myself. It started by searching my favorite “Actress” but on YouTube since it was “Safe”. DONT DO IT. I ended up fapping but I closed the browser before starting and I literally stared at my dresser with an empty mind. As soon as the thought “I should stop what am I doing!” I came.

It has been 90 days since then. I still get all those benefits except maybe the female attraction. I am currently going through a flatline, (dick still works) but I feel very empty inside and I feel like I have the sexdrive of an old man since I don’t feel like going out and getting girls. I am still learning more about myself and this isn’t the end.

 This will not be the same Journey for you, I started at a young age and maybe you didn’t fuck up your brain as much. I haven’t peeked, edged, or stroked in the passed 90 days. I made an account about 20 days ago and it is helping me on my flatline to read about others in their journey and to help others.

The best benefits I have gotten is that I love myself even more. I never hated myself but I feel like I have gained my own approval in a way. I see Girls as Humans, not as body parts. I crave for real intimacy not a one night stand.

My brain feels like it is overclocked (Or maybe it is working the way it is supposed to be). Thank you guys for being here for me and big thanks to those who made NoFap. Love you brahs. Any questions? Ask below!

LINK – My NoFap Journey and 90 day report.

By nofapper49