Age 16 – I now look at girls, sex & relationships differently. I’m a new person

I’m a sixteen year old kid and today marks the 90th day since I last watched porn. About four months ago I came across this Ask me anything in which a porn director talked about the secrets of the porn industry.

After reading some of the comments, I found this comment where someone posted a site revealing some porn stars’ speeches about how they are raped and forced to have sex, otherwise they are killed. That was when I realized that I was doing something wrong in my life. Something that I really hate is women violence and every single time I watched porn I felt bad for the porn stars, how they end up there because of their family backgrounds and everything.

After that day I made a promise to myself that I would stop watching porn and I after trying it for about 5 times without succeeding, I came across this TEDtalk about the 30 day challenge. That video really motivated to change my life and start doing something better for myself. In that exactly day I started my 30 day challenge, in which I would stop watching porn and masturbating, I would run everyday and I would start reading everyday for about 30 minutes.

I’m sure everyone here has been a teenager and knows how it actually is about porn and masturbating, is just something that everyone goes through. I can tell that I only succeeded on the first challenge. I didn’t read nor I did run. So, there I was, as the first week had gone by and the desire of porn and masturbating was growing.

I was in holidays, as it was Christmas time and I was watching TEDtalks every single day. So I came across this another video about the Cold Showers, where he said how your will power can grow if you start doing it. It’s not good and not many people do it, he said. But I decided to try it by myself, as I knew it was during the shower that I wanted more and more to masturbate. So, I started doing and I had added one more thing to my 30 day challenge.

The first 2 weeks had gone by and all I wanted was the challenge to end and start masturbating again. Every time I was on pc I would open a porn website and once the site opened I would turn it off so I could see how much of will power I had. Those first 2 weeks were the hardest by far, and I still don’t know how I was able to do it. After 30 days clean, I was still thinking about porn and masturbating, but I could tell I was forgetting it as the time was going by.

So, today I’ve been clean for 90 days now and I barely think about porn. Yes, during this 3 months I masturbated a few times (like 5), but I never watched porn. It’s just something that every teenager needs to do, even if it was not that often.

Now, after 3 months, I feel like I’m a new person. Yes, as everyone says, I do think girls look at me differently and I’ve gone on 3 dates with this one girl. There are no words I can describe how I feel and I just wanted to share this with you guys. I feel I also look at girls and sex and relationships differently. I started treating girls differently and I know they have noticed that. Now, after doing the 30 day challenge for the third month, I’m changeling myself every time harder and harder as I see my life is getting better and better. Now, I started working out, I read every single day for more that 40 minutes, I started meditating, I’ve been going out more often with my friends, I’ve been taking cold showers every single day for 3 months and I notice my will power growing everyday.

I decided to do this to thank everyone for everything, from the very first posts I read when I started doing it to everyone who will read this post. There are no words I can describe how happy and proud I am for me and for having started this, and also to describe how better my life is right now.

Thank you very much and I hope this helps someone.

LINK I’m a sixteen year old and here is my 90 day experience

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I’m joining this after a relapse 4 days ago of a streak of 40 days. This will be my 3rd streak, the first was for 95 days, the second for 40 days. This time I am more motivated than ever and since my summer holidays have started I want this to last as more as possible, at least for all the summer. I’m doing this because I’m sixteen and I had been watching porn for a quite some time (4 years) and I want to take care of my life and besides that I have really felt the effects of nofap on my last streaks.

Let’s do it guys.