Age 16 – I now take on everyday challenges & welcome simple pleasures

Age 16. Currently a junior in high school. Wow – is pretty much what sums up my journey partaking in no PMO. I FEEL ALIVE! Just yesterday this song came up on Pandora, it was” I’m coming home part2″ by Skylar Grey, and strangely the song reflected to my recovery from PMO. It was like I was coming home from the darkness of PMO, I’m here again.

No PMO has set the foundation for the return of a better life for me again, I can now take on everyday challenges and welcome every day’s simple pleasures. You really just have to endure it and discipline yourself, never give in, and if you do, pick yourself back up and give it another go.

What really helped me was going on YBOP  now and again for inspiration.I  want to thank all the people that shared their story or simply gave there input on how they’ve felt during their recovery.  

Greatest of luck towards everyone, it’s really a life-changing step.”

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BY – ifeelalive