Age 16 – I’ve learned more about my body and where my energy comes from

Just completed my 90 days and I would love to share my story with you guys and what I have learned. When I first realized the true powers of nofap was in june about a week in. I would have football in the mornings over the summer.

Mmy schedule basically everyday was to wake up at 6:45 go to football come home, jerk off and take a good four hour nap. By this time my day was basically ruined. The week I started nofap I actually woke up at 5:30 everyday, an hour before usual and I wouldn’t actually nap at all. I would even wake up early on my days off. I never truly felt the “superpower” like energy, but my a felt like I could accomplish anything.

I also learned about semen retention, the ancient eastern practices of qigong meditation and embryonic breathing helped me channel my energy from the built up semen to become more aggressive and powerful. One day I posted a comment on no stroke September saying how I was frustrated about everything and everything was irritating. I felt like a ticking time bomb and when I got home from school I put in a good hour workout to help release the tension. With nofap I have learned more about my body and where my energy comes from.

I’ve also learned a lot about sex. On PMO my whole idea about sex was false and inadequate which wasn’t helping me with women at all. On nofap and retaining from porn I feel like I’ve developed theories that help straighten out my sex life. One is that I am more comfortable with my body. I have learned more about nudism and leaving my body vulnerable. Sitting out in my backyard naked and meditating feels so good and gives me more self confidence.

My new ideas about sex are just theories so many might not agree, but what it all boils down to is that people think sex is all about the orgasm and the body parts involved. Being without PMO I’ve gotten away from focusing about orgasms. Sex is not about the penis or the vagina, sex is a complete physical connection between the two people’s entire bodies. The penis and the vagina are like the paintbrush and the canvas the sexual energy is expressed through, while sexual connection is impossible without the genitals they are not what is important. Think about it this way, when you look at a painting you do not think that the canvas and the paintbrush are beautiful, it is the painting that is the art. That is the problem with porn, porn focuses on the tits, the ass, the vagina and the penis, and those are the least important. However you cannot feel the physical connection in porn you just see the genitals.

I am so happy to be able to share what I’ve learned with you guys and I am blessed to have found this community. I would have never made it to 90 days without you guys and I’ve grown so much. I love nofap and I hope everyone struggling with what I went through can find what I’ve found. The three years straight I’ve consistently fapped I don’t regret anything, because without that I would not have grown like I have.

LINK – 90 days bitch

by Cdog369