Age 16 – More confidence & energy, better concentraion, less awkward

Hello /r/NoFap!

Well, here it is. For the second time, I’ve reached ninety days. I’ve had my ups and downs on my journey so far- click here to see my story, my previous failure, etc- but I plan on truly succeeding at overcoming PMO this time. Too busy to read my novel of a post? Here’s the important points:

  • I’m 16 years old, and have made it to 114 days.
  • It sucks to fail, especially when you’ve made it that far
  • I don’t plan on ever going back to PMO- overall NoFap has improved my life in many ways

Anyway, like I said, today is day 90. Sure, I’ve been tempted a lot, and I’ve been through some terrible flatlines, but I’ve stayed away from PMO, and worked my hardest to improve my life in as many ways as possible. For all those starting off, or those who haven’t made it very far yet, a warning to you- it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. It’s gonna suck. You’re going to be tempted a lot. You’re going to feel like a failure, and you’re going to rethink your life and personality. But despite this, if you work hard, and don’t give up, it will be worth it. It’s not all bad, and although sometimes (especially flatlining) can be suckish, the benefits are amazing.

  • Better sleep, more energy Note: combine with cold showers for increased effect!
  • Better state of mind, more concentration
  • True happiness- no brain fog
  • More confidence, less awkward- approach and talk to people easier
  • And, while it hasn’t really shown up in my teenage life, it is said to help communication etc. with women

If you’d life, feel free to ask me any questions you may have. And above all, good luck to all of you- keep on going and you won’t be disappointed. Stay strong!

LINK – 90 days, but it isn’t over yet.

by 5teve7