Age 16 – More energy & motivation, better grades, I now have a personality, I am capable of loving

For your information I am a 16 year old boy from Germany. I started NoFap in October last year because I noticed my porn and masturbation “addiction” (I had no idea I had one back then) went too far.

 I would masturbate in other households than mine, and watch porn secretly. I was browsing Imgur right after fapping one day and stumbled upon an infographic about NoFap.

After reading I just said to myself “hey why not?”, and started.

My first streak lasted 14 days, which basically was my fall break. The results were amazing! I had been on an excursion and I noticed I would talk to girls much more freely and had an overall better mood.

The relapse was shit. A few shorter streaks later, I managed to get to 30, then 50, then 30 again. Shortly before Christmas last year I relapsed, and since then, I haven’t!

Why not?

I think it is actually quite simple. I signed up for 2014 without PMO, with 14 days or something in advance. I had a goal – Also I signed up for the NoFap war. It is one of the greatest and best challenges there are on NoFap. I can only advise everybody else to sign up for the next one too.

I was a Regiment Commander there, and it taught me a lot about responsibility, teamwork, and organization. Together we created an insular NoFap environment, with our own private subreddit etc..

The biggest change I experienced though is that I am capable of loving another person. When I started NoFap, I noticed after a while I really liked a girl, but I couldn’t say if I’d fallen in love or not (I thought I was gay, apparently I’d watched so much porn that girls didn’t affect me anymore… a controversial post is following…).

Now I can say I really love her. Sometimes when I talk with her I just want to hug her and embrace her and kiss her, short, I want to love her. It’s going quite well, but I don’t know if we’ll get together so fast. She is still very focused on having a “good-looking” boyfriend (concerning muscle mass, blablabla), but she has amazing characteristics that show when you talk to her when she is not under the pressure of society (ok this is getting very psychological, let’s go on).

My grades have went from mediocre/good to OUT OF THIS WORLD. It’s perfectly normal for me to get 15 points (equivalent to A+ where I come from) in all of my major fields of study. I actually enjoy learning. I’ve started reading much more, and I’ve noticed that my acting, which I already liked to do in the past, is going super well and is something I find peace in and would love to do for a living later on.

Still, it’s just beginning. Changes aren’t as evident as before, but now the long term changes are beginning. I feel how the reboot is coming nearer and nearer. Especially in terms of sensitiveness and emotion I am developing.

Here is a short list of some of the changes I underwent during this time:

  • more energy
  • more motivation
  • better work out results
  • better grades
  • I am more communicative
  • I fucking have a personality
  • I am capable of loving
  • I have started getting up at 5 a.m. in the morning and working out
  • I go to bed earlier (duh.)
  • I read more
  • I can act better
  • I look healthier (my skin especially)

Ok so that is about it. I will be giving an AMA tonight (or this morning, depending on where you live) at 22:00 CET, which is 5:00 p.m. in New York.

There will be another post about my experiences with being gay or not, and how porn affected me, so stay tuned!

Also feel free to read my speech “The Happiness you Gain”, which can be found here.

Also check the NoFapWarRebooted page, so you can sign up for the next war.

There will probably be some edits on this when I remember some more changes I underwent.

And now, for all the lazies here: TL:dr: Lots of powerful changes, ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵐʸ ᵖᵒˢᵗ, I am giving an AMA tonight at 22:00 CET ;

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by RollingCompass


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