Age 16 – My (Almost) Complete Transformation: 60 Day Report

As with my 30 day report, I am writing this for myself, but I want to share my experiences with the community and become another one of the many who NoFap has truly helped.

Quoted from my 30 day report

I know a lot of people start of their journey in WAY different places, so I want to say a little about myself. I’m 16 and have PMO’d since I was 12. For the majority of that time I would PMO about once a day in the evening, but in the time closer to when I quit it wasn’t uncommon for me to PMO twice a day to slightly kinkier stuff. I know a lot of people are older than me or have more severe habits, but I want to be clear about my past because I think it affects our addiction and our path away from it.

I stumbled upon this subreddit a while back and I had a couple streaks of less than a week that I don’t quite remember mostly as a challenge for myself. This is my first streak since that time and also my longest.

I talked a lot about how difficult being disciplined avoiding PMO in my previous post, so if you want to hear about that you can check it out. I want to focus primarily on how NoFap has affected me in this post.

I had the most amazing weekend the last couple days. I was talking to my friend about it yesterday and I literally started crying because of how purely happy I felt. I’ve never felt so happy in my entire life. The weekend started with a concert on Friday. A lot of people were high/drunk, but I am super proud of myself because I stayed sober and still had a blast. I felt like everyone at the concert was my friend. I went up to nearly everyone and would yell “Why aren’t you dancing!?!” I felt like the life of the concert, and as a usually more reserved person, people were asking me if I was high. I was only high on life. Now I know that women aren’t the goal of this journey for everyone, but the fact that I was able to be confident, connect with a girl, and share my first kiss with an awesome person was such an elevating experience. I can’t go into more detail about the rest of the weekend because it involves more personal details, but suffice it to say this was only the beginning.

I feel like a new MAN. Here is how NoFap has affected me:

  • I am more confident in myself and in what I believe is important
  • I can connect with friends and even women in a more personal way
  • I am not as invested in how other people think of me
  • I can hold strong eye contact and body language throughout the day and in conversations with others
  • I feel more in control of my sexuality
  • I do not feel guilty about my sexuality
  • I am aroused and attracted to REAL women
  • I experience great periods of happiness and sadness, but the sad periods only make the happy ones better
  • I smile and laugh more
  • I have more free time and experience self-growth every day
  • I have recommended NoFap to my friends
  • I am more optimistic about my future
  • I am happy

I want to thank this awesome community. Please ask any questions you may have.

LINK – My (Almost) Complete Transformation – 60 Day Report

by Yungclowns