Age 16 – My confidence has improved massively, I feel content. Free.

I made it to 60 days! And the strange thing is, it doesn’t feel like I am “missing” anything. Despite how large a part of my life “jerkin’ the gherkin” used to be, it does not feel like I have an empty void to fill – in other words, I feel content. Free.

The biggest benefit I have experienced is no longer being tethered (or trapped, if you will) by my natural urges. Yes, the urge to orgasm is still there. So are all the others (fast food, video games etc.). But I can now control these feelings relatively easily, without having to fight hard or give in. I am again, free.

One very important thing I have realised is that I do not crave orgasm – I crave intimacy with another human being. All of those years of fapping never left me feeling content because I was never getting what I truly wanted – and neither are you, if you continue to fap. This has led me to discover that what I truly want in life is a rather elusive thing, and something which I am still trying to find.

Oh, and my confidence has improved massively too! Before, I was scared/tense even around friends, whereas now I could not care less what others think of me – I am too happy just being myself! One interesting quote I found on this topic is this – “You won’t care what others think of you, when you realise how little they do”. For instance, whenever I have an awkward moment with someone (such as this morning on the phone to a girl I’ve liked for some time) I no longer get worked up and worried about it – I simply brush it off and laugh about it (very different to the days – yes days – I used to spend panicking about nothing!). I believe this is as a result of being able to control my emotions and feelings more readily, without giving in to them uncontrollably.

So, fellow fapstronauts, stay strong – and here’s to the next 60 days!

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Of course life isn’t all sunshine and unicorn farts, but its certainly better than it was – almost as if I have become a new person. Exercise, hobbies and socializing all help tremendously in gaining the benefits stated above, as well as helping to destroy the addiction!

Oh and a tip – after the first week it gets a LOT easier, and the less you fap the more you break the habit – thus making it even easier! So keep fighting fapstronaut, and destroy this beast once and for all!

LINK – Here’s to 60 days

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1st (2nd) Attempt

I have been masturbating since I was about 13 (three years), and since then have done it frequently (up to four times a day). I am not addicted to porn, but I am definitely addicted to masturbation. I can’t remember how I found this page, but it has made me realise how much a part of my life it has become – I quickly become agitated when I can’t do it (for instance, when on a family holiday for a week or two).

After reading all of your posts, it made me realise that I could end up having some serious problems (such as PIED, etc.), and this has inspired me to partake in the challenge, and hopefully end up quitting for good. We’ll be going on holiday again in a week’s time (for 2 weeks), so if I just manage this week, then the next two will be basically ‘taken care of’ by the holiday (I’m not exactly going to masturbate in the same hotel room as my family, am I?).

Although I managed three days last week, this is my first ‘proper’ attempt at the challenge – at least, the first attempt with the help of you guys.

Wish me luck! (sorry if this is a little long)