Age 16 – Since doing nofap I can say without doubt this is the happiest I’ve ever been.

The all the guys starting out and having trouble all I can say is things will get better, all the struggle, doubts and effort you put into this will pay off and once you get there AND YOU WILL GET THERE you will KNOW it was all worth it.

This is a quote from day 60 ” I am very happy to be alive and just enjoy life. Man today felt so good, I cannot put into worlds how perfect it is. I have nofap, meditation,skateboarding, healthy eating, cold showers and ayahuasca to thank 🙂 ”

I have done meditation, healthy eating in the past but it seems that nofap and cold showers really made the difference its like crossing the two most powerful tools together to improve your life and wow I can really feel the difference, I think doing all these things maximizes the superpowers and those people who say they don’t feel much different are probably missing a one or two of those 4.

since doing nofap I can say without doubt this is the happiest I’ve ever been.

Another quote from earlier in my streak “So like I said I am enjoying the superpowers I have a greater love for life, am so much happier now and not how I used to feel lifeless, kinda like a robot basically. It really does feel like heaven on earth for me even though at times things can get tough I pull through and just get passed it and smile easily. Anxiety is still there but I have the balls to overcome it which before I would be too scared to do anything. a lot less fear more love. Its so much easier to talk to girls or anyone If I want to and I don’t see girls as physical meat sticks for me to lust at I see a person behind that beauty, if anyone is curious I just turned 16 and am in high school.”

I’ll end it with my tips.

  1. Be as healthy as you can, diet more important than exercise I have found. (this is because the healthier you are the less urges you have, based on experience.)
  2. Remove any triggers such as over-sexualized entertainment,media, movies etc as much as you can.
  3. Instead of using fapping as a stress reliever replace it with meditation once a day maybe 20min but more is always better, or find other ways to relief stress.
  4. Don’t think about the days as it will remind you of fapping (this includes visiting the nofap reddit too much, especially when the first couple of weeks) just focus on living life normally. The goal is to completely erase the idea that fapping even exists, This means also getting rid of the idea of “trying to not fap” you will fail if done this way because it is still in your mind.
  5. Commit 100%, be honest with yourself do you really want to put the effort into this?
  6. Cold showers everyday(optional but recommended)

I’ve used this and it got me to 150 days (hard-mode) on my first try not even a challenge so easy! The only thing that made me stop was being extremely unhealthy overeating on a bunch of junk food. Following all the rules you can do nofap basically forever, if you want 🙂

LINK – 90 day report.

by Sk8er123123123