Age 16 – Social anxiety nearly gone. I’m more confident, assertive and happier.


I’m a 16 year old male who started pmo at age 12. I started this journey at the beginning of the year and it very quickly began improving my life, I’m now more confident, assertive and happier, I over think less often and am less critical of myself.

I’m stronger now both mentally and physically with NoFap giving me the motivation to work out daily and learn the guitar with better enthusiasm, my mind is calmer due to meditation using an app called headspace (really good btw) and more acceptant of mistakes etc.

I’m currently doing exams and would be more stressed and just complaining to deal with it instead I’m much more focused and calm with living it in the present, I still don’t revise at home but there you go lol (I’ve never felt the need to btw)

My social anxiety has almost entirely gone I feel like a different person with stronger connections and relationships I feel like I can be myself more and not care too much what others think, I’m also less socially awkward and participate more and I can feel the “strength” to try to start conversations and I can feel a small pull where I normally would have kept my mouth shut and just thought about what I was going to say to the point of being crazy.

I’m not focusing on NoFap anymore now, although I’m not going to fall back into the same routine of pmo but will still keep it controlled.

My crush of 4 years and I are now regularly talking and I feel a strong connection, it’s still way too complicated (see one of my past post’s) but is definitely worth it I look back at the progress I made from silent walks home to now where I can start and keep conversations going. I even asked her to prom! Which I always thought I would never do, although we are not “officially” going together due to a prior promise she made to a friend.

Overall nofap has changed my life permanently and made me a better, happier and more social person who dwells less on the past and focuses on the present, it has shown me who I am and given me the strength to better myself beyond what I thought I could be. I feel like I’m better prepared for the future armed with ways of battling my active mind that ruined my chances of being happy.

I could go on forever about how it has bettered me and affected those around me but this post is already too long.

Thank you for reading and a massive thanks to the community and the site for being so supportive and helpful with my journey

Please feel free to ask questions and comment, Good luck with your own journey’s 🙂

LINK – Well I’m not gonna lie I’m impressed

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