Age 16 – Social anxiety & stutter is gone, I can talk to anyone, super motivated and grades are up.

Well, this is pretty much how I felt every day after about day 40.

Some inspiration

I gave up on this a couple times. I never had a life controlling addiction, and I only would PMO once a week, but for some reason I couldn’t go longer than a week. I doubted myself so much and never thought I could do it.

If you don’t mind, I do admit that my Christian faith did help me. I try to imitate Christ and well, I think this is part of it. I also feel like this is definitely how God wanted us to live our lives. Confident, patient, energetic, and motivated.


Absolutely. I could talk to any girl, man, woman, or dog. Social anxieties were gone. Stutter is gone. My GPA this quarter improved by 0.6 points I felt super motivated to get things done and I hardly ever procrastinated. I improved my bench press by 40 pounds, push press by 50, and pullups by 9. (I don’t do pull ups every week) in one half semester of school.

And the energy, oh the energy. Instead of sleeping for eight hours and still wanting to sleep, I could get seven and be fine. This was huge.


I was generally a better human being. More mature. I couldn’t be happier. around day 25 I almost relapsed. I had the mental strength to ask myself if I wanted to deal with the sadness and anger afterwards and stopped. Once I got to day 30 I knew I was going to make it. Don’t jerk off guys.

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by curiosity23