Age 16 – What I gained from this was unintentional. I learnt to not treat women as sexthings

So hi guys, this is a post signifying my 90th day of being fap free. Although I have stumbled onto porn unintentionally, but still it has near to no effect, I’ll explain why later.

So, since I don’t post much, let me introduce myself. I’m currently 16 (going to 17) as of today, watching porn since I was 12 years old. One day I stumbled upon NoFap and wondered “Why not?” and just started the challenge. I also wanted to reduce the guilt that comes from ejaculation which is another factor why I quit. Now, I started on March 1st, 2014 and have broken my streak twice, both streaks lasting 2 days each. After that I set my mind to not break my streak and here I am, 90 days later.

What I gained from this experience was not really substantial. I didn’t gain the godly superpowers that many of our fellow Fapstronauts claimed to achieve, I didn’t get girls swarming over me, I didn’t get extremely confident and social (Though I have to admit I’m talking to more people than before) and I certainly did not get any sex. Now those few things don’t really bother me because I’m 16 and I don’t put banging hot chicks as my priority (Trouble with the law and pregnancy plus NoFap helped me repress my desires). What I gained from this was something else that was unintentional, but nonetheless beneficial. I learnt to not treat women as sexthings. Before NoFap I would fantasize about banging the girls at my school, alternating females as if I had a catalog to choose from. Because my porn addiction made me objectify females to be pieces of meat. Ever since I started this challenge, the periods of fantasizing completely vanished and I see them as human beings now, the same as you and me. During my time in NoFap, I stumbled onto a subreddit called theredpill ( and I found that I did not agree with their methods of manipulating women to gain sex and I stopped visiting that subreddit ever since. I would really like to thank NoFap for that because I was afraid that if I did not discover this, I would be influenced by their ideals and do stuff that lands me into trouble.

For my fellow Fapstronauts who are facing with me the same challenge, I wish you all the best. No matter for what goal that you started this challenge for, be it banging hot chicks, or fixing that PIED problem you had for years, you can be sure that a hundred and seven thousand of us (as of today) share with you this burden and we are all aiming towards a single primary goal: To stop Fapping for life (I assume that we are quitting for life). Never lose faith in yourself and keep pushing forward!

LINK – Sounds overused but fellow Fapstronauts, 90 days!

by ihatetolose