Age 16 – What NoFap has done for me

If you’re on this subreddit and are 14/15/16, you already more self-aware than most our age, so congrats on making it this far.

I used to jerk it once a day since I was 12 and I knew something was off at around 15. I started researching and found the effects porn has on your brain, and it matched my symptoms. I had decreased libido, was pretty self-conscious for no reason and had a lack of energy.

Bordering 16 I started to change the way I lived life, I started taking cold showers, working out more and of course NoFap. Let me just say the benefits are fucking amazing. At the current moment I have 3 girls into me and one girl I’ll be taking to the movies later this week. Prior to NoFap I couldn’t talk to girls and was playing league of legends for like 7 hours a day.

Let me just say that I’m only at day 19, so I still have quite a way to go, but now, when I get horny, it’s not looking at pixels, it’s me looking at real girls. I’m high on life, my dick is only active at school and my sex drive, energy and confidence has increased 10 fold. I won’t say NoFap was the ONLY factor that changed me, but it was probably one of the largest.

Stay strong brothers.

LINK  –What NoFap has done for me (16yrs old)

by Geetsly