Age 16 – You wouldn’t believe how much my life has improved in the past hundred days

I haven’t PMO’d in exactly 100 days. I won’t hide it, I am actually kind of proud of it, but I still have a couple things to say, partly to the new guys, but also to some of the “veterans”.

To those of you who think this is stupid: It’s not. It really isn’t. You wouldn’t believe how much my life has improved in the past hundred days, it went from a point where I hated everything and everyone (without being emo) and couldn’t get up in the morning because I just didn’t see a point to now, where I get up each day and see a good day coming, one where I’ll have fun with my friends, where I can see my wonderful (quite newly acquired) girlfriend, and just all happy thoughts and flowers and all of that.

To those of you who think this is a magic remedy: It’s not. Not masturbating will not really change anything by itself. This is about learning to respect yourself, about getting rid of a (mentally unhealthy) addiction. Those 2 to 20 (I don’t know and don’t want to know how you get off) of pleasure are NOT worth it, you know it yourself because you’re ashamed when you look back at your porn and the stains you just left in your bed or on your T-shirt (again, don’t want to know). Do something productive with your life, get out of your room.

To all of you who have already been on this for a couple weeks: You stopped masturbating. Great. But when you walk down the street and see a pretty lady, what is the first thought that goes through your head ? I read some of the posts on here and can only think “Has he actually gotten the whole point of this ?”. This is about respecting yourself, mainly, but it’s also about respecting women, or men. I feel like you only succeed at NoFap when you actually stop thinking with your dick. I can’t really say it differently.

I love where NoFap has gotten me, and I really am proud that I managed to make it to a hundred days. But I want other people to understand nofap BEFORE they join.

Thank you for reading until here, I sincerely hope you could get some help from this.

LINK – Day 100 ! I have some thoughts I’d like to share:

by Makskeleton


EARLIER POST Day 80whatnot and I couldn’t be happier, here’s why.

I started nofap about 80 days ago, a bit more I think, I’ve lost count… And a LOT has changed since then, and it’s all for the better. A bit of a back story: I’m 16 and have spent the last two years being pretty depressed, I won’t elaborate why to strangers on the internet, but you can believe me, it’s been more than just rough. I first discovered NoFap in April 2014 (I think, it’s been a while) and was on a 30something day streak when I fell back into. But then I started reading more articles (NoFap articles that is) and decided to give it another shot. I see now, why 125 thousand people actually partake in this. Since I stopped fapping and looking at porn:

  • I feel good about what I am, I respect myself and don’t get beaten down as fast.
  • I’m in better shape. I’m not sick nearly as often, I do better in phys ed classes, etc.
  • My brain has gotten a major boost, I can remember things more clearly, make connections quicker, I think differently.
  • I can sleep. I do not suffer from insomnia anymore.
  • I actually have a girlfriend. I didn’t think this one would happen for a while, but I am now dating my best (female) friend and oh god, why didn’t this happen earlier ? I’ve never felt like this about anyone or anything.

But the biggest one of all:

  • I am happy. I am completely and utterly happy. My life could not be better right now.

So to all of you first dayers and first weekers, you might think this is difficult, or even that this is total bullshit, but it’s not. And it’s not about how many day you last, it’s just about you learning to take some time and not waste it on 5 minutes of pleasure followed by immediate regret. I think it took me 10 days to actually notice any difference. Just wait a little before abandoning.